Car Diagnostics in NY Leaves 2 Mechanics Squashed

Car Diagnostics in NY Leaves 2 Mechanix Squashed

Car Diagnostics in NY Leaves 2 Mechanix Squashed

A car hoisted up on lift ends up crashing down on two idiot mechanics in NY, USA. A malfunction causes minor headaches and major repairs.

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    1. If they did end up getting hurt, it’s because of that guy standing in front at the conclusion. Instead of trying to guide the car away from the others, he was pushing it so that it stayed on top of the co-workers.
      He’s the doushe bag of the day imo!

    2. Sorry to tell you @sweetiecandy They suffered tremendously. Their legs, hips and ribs were broken and part of the exhaust lay on their chest making it hard for them to breath. They both died slowly suffocating as their lungs filled with blood. It was a truly agonising death. It’s cool tho. two less crackers in the world.

      1. If the car was owned by niggers they would have been safe with the 24″ rims providing plenty of clearance. Who else would put
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    3. Idiots on this forum seem to show compassion only because it’s NY.
      Stupid Americans. Nothing functions properly over here, just like India..
      Not even a simple hearing to confirm a Supreme Court Judge nominee is possible.

      Everything has to be stalled to reassess if commonsense is applicable or not, what sheer idiocy. This car Jacking accident is a clear indication of how America functions. The jack is not strong enough to hold the weight of our stupidity. It will fall on us and kill us all sooner or later

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    4. @sweetcandy85
      Well according to our Author @seraphim-serenata,,, All That These Two Mechanics Suffered, or Got Was Minor Headaches, lol. But on the other hand, it clearly States in The Post Description, and in Bold Letters, That They Were Both Squashed ? But maybe he Got Mixed-Up with Another Upcoming Post, and was talking about “Sas-Squatsh Instead” But Then Again,,, Who Am I to say, Cause Who Da-Fuck Knows what @seraphim-serenata is Thinking, lol Eh??? πŸ˜‰

        1. I just had a crazy thought. I would love to play your Avi in a game of poker; you have the ultimate poker face!

          It might be fair game, I’ve been told, in later years that people cant tell what I’m feeling cause my face has no expression… Except when I’m smirking like the Joker…

          1. You might get lucky and be the millionth customer and get yo shit pimped out. Low-pro’s on 36″ spinning rims. Shag carpet. Malcom X voice reminding you to put on your seatbelt.

      1. lol This person said nothing about black people, but somehow black people are brought up in this conversation. What if the person writing was Asian, Guess you people have black people on your mind 24/7.

  1. Mechanic #1: “We’re having corn on the cob with supper tonight”.

    Mechanic #2: “Oh yeah?…well we’re having sauerkraut with ours”.

    Car lift god: “Your both having squash right now and you’ll like it”.

      1. If you look under your car these days there’s a lot of clutter and lack of proper mounting, so the nipplehead was probably at fault for not checking to see if it was on the unibody or a flat framework. Also center of gravity is a big danger with a 2 post lift.

    1. @brokeback
      Being a mechanic yourself,,, I want to ask,,, is there is a type of lock button that they should have pressed before venturing under the vehicle that would be stop any sudden, and catastrophic air pressure loss in the pistons from happening, that is holding the car up?? Cause Holy-Shit that fucker dropped quick! πŸ™
      And if not, then what’s your take on it, or,, what do you think they did wrong, if anything that is?

      How could this Ever Happen to begin with, cause just 2 days ago i was at the garage getting four new winter tires installed on my Wife Cathy’s SUV, and i went under the car, just to look at her ball joints tie rods, & so on. Fucked if i ever do that again after seeing this bud!

      1. @Dre, the hoist they were using was electric, no hydraulics involved. Those electric hoists have safety latches every foot or so as they lift so that if there is a failure in the motor drive system it will catch on the last latch and not drop any further. It looks to me like they didn’t set the feet on the arms properly and the arms kicked out causing the car to fall. It’s hard to tell exactly what happened since it happened so fast.

        1. @brokeback
          Thanks brother!
          And because i never looked long, and close enough, to realize that it was indeed an electric hoist, as opposed to hydraulic Hoisting System what you said makes sense.
          Also, what you’ve said made me think back that almost every time that i go to a garage, i can hear a loud, and pronounced Clicking Sound at short intervals of about every 3 to 5 seconds apart, as a Car is being hoisted up. So “That Loud Clicking” must be The Locking Mechanism that you have explained , and were talking about,,, Cool, cause i never put 2 and 2 together before. πŸ™‚

          1. Hydraulic hoists are smoother and faster to raise and lower but if there is a leak in the system they can drop unexpectedly… usually only a few inches at a time but if the main seal on the cylinder goes it can drop a lot very quickly and the only safety latch is at the fully lifted position. Seen it happen a few times over the years.

          2. That is fucking scary stuff @Broke,,,, and i would Literally & Instantly, Have Shat right there, and in me Fucking Pants Bro, if i had a close call, like the One That was (either the owner of the car, & Customer?) or simply just A Dude Standing Around, that ended-up getting away with what surely ended-up being, A Shoulder Injury.

            But if it was me standing there,,, I would have Ended-Up With Much More Severe Injuries Besides my Shoulder bud, cause i would have Slipped on my Shit,,, (wait a minute,,,) more like *I Would Have Ended-Up Tripping* over A Massive Hard As A Rock 12 Inch Logger, And Broke My Fucken Neck on the Cement Garage Floor. πŸ™

  2. Safest way to do those check up was like the old mechanics did, a nice concrete trench lit with halogen lamps.
    Wish i could say those 2 fuckers dont know what hit them but alas they do very well….. liked the part when the car owner tried to hold the car with both arms… as if motherfucker! As if!

  3. I’m sure most mechanics deserve this fate. Those mother fuckers always over charging folks; you’re telling me that fat mother fucker showing his ass crack and tinkering around under the hood is worth $150 an hour. Fuck that shit!!!!

  4. 1. The lift need to be inspected before you use it for the day or when you return after a break or something to ensure its safety.
    2. These loud POP when you lift the car/van are there for a reason, after you lift it, LOWER them on these lock. The legs of the lift will just rest on them instead, so only way to lower the car would be by lifting it again AND pulling the level to unlock the legs.
    3. I doubt the weight limit of the lift was an issue there. Most lift can handle this type of vehicule easy.
    4. I doubt they even shaked the vehicule when it is lifted like half an inch from the ground, falling from 6 inch do less damage than a full height fall.
    5. Was the legs even correctly placed on the rockers on on the frame of the vehicule?

    I would rather work full time with a made in china lift than working with these idiots.

    1. I agree that safety measures are missing. It’s unclear if it was intentionally removed/forgotten or if the lift was designed to be “safe.”

      However, from my own viewing it appears to lift from the center. It’s like a fulcrum and if the car is front or rear heavy, it would tip to that side. Watching the video, the car appears to do just that; fall to the front (engine is much heavier than the rear of the car). It’s unclear how long they owned this lift or if it was installed incorrectly. I’m leaning to this being installed incorrectly. The workers did not appear to wear any professional attire and seem to be very casual.

  5. I wonder how long this garage owned this particular hydraulic lift? It lifts from the center so it seems like if something is front or rear heavy, gravity would win.

    I think this hydraulic lift was installed or used incorrectly.

    1. You actually need to center the car on these lift. Lifting point are usually placed so the car get centered fine. Put the lift legs on the rockers and lift it.

      It’s only tilting if it’s not centered or not correctly put on the rockers.
      Too bad the video is potato quality, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see the legs standing on something else than the rockers.

  6. Ugh…what a horrible set-up for an autobody shop. The one I go to view from underneath…in like a floor below (it’s kinda cool)…..Anyhoo……poor guys. I wonder though if the shop will cover the cost of repair…hmm..I’d assume so. If that happened to MY car…I would lose my shit.

  7. This type of lift is notoriously unstable. You have to position the arms just so on the frame of the vehicle, or this is the result.. I almost had this happen to me once with a similar lift. Luckily, the car just shifted, but didn’t fall. We lowered it, and re-positioned the lift arms, and all was well afterward.

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