CCTV – Worker Sucked into Fan, Shat Back Out

CCTV - Worker Sucked into Fan, Spat Back Out

Captured on CCTV in a China workplace of sorts, a worker is too comfortable with his job and sits down to relax. A Fanman is hard back breaking work, don’t cha know? Worker is sucked into fan, then shat back out.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say this is a man at the end of his rope and found a spine tingling way to self-death.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the Immediate Resignation video of Fanman:

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103 thoughts on “CCTV – Worker Sucked into Fan, Shat Back Out”

    1. That narrator though. Are they showing those videos to other employees as part of work safety training? They totally should do that! Including that old hydraulic press video, and that recent with gas pipe blowing up.

    1. yes, when i worked at a factory that made these metal rods for god knows what, there was a giant compressor thingy even though our group didnt get to be near it and it wasnt in our part of the factory we were still shown a video of what happens if you accidentally walk into it. It wasnt pretty!

    1. he probably got cut multiples time and lost an arm/legs (maybe the head too, depend where it hit).
      then the body fly away.

      the blood cloud is coming from the fan itself sucking the blood of the guy and blowing it like it normally did with air.

      (hope my shitty english is not too terrible lol )

  1. LOL so much content from China lately, and its always some industrial factory accident. These chinks need to update their safety standards. But seriously, working around industrial machines must suck! All it takes is one wrong move or one slip and you could be crushed, pulverized, and turned into a mangled bloody mess. This is why I feel bad for people who have to work in factories to provide for their families, because they go in every day without knowing for sure if they’ll come back.

  2. 90% of video in which someone is fucked up by steam machine, big fans, high-pressure chambers, ovens etc etc are from fuckin China. What’s wrong with these little yellow idiots? They want to be a global economical and military power when all of their industrial machinery is like from soviet russia, completely unpredictable deathbringers.

  3. China should have a weekly national television show called: “China’s Funniest Deadliest Jobs of the Week” and give prize money to the companies with the worst killing and another prize for the company with the most killings in one week. With a runner up prize for the Supiedest Killing on the Job. They should have a 1-111- phone number with a 10-minute time limit after the show to vote.

  4. the chinese… the only guys in the world who work like that without any security at all.

    fucking fan shouldnt be on in middle of the place, would be placed in direction of a wall and would have a fucking security fence in front of it.

    and then, chinese peoples wonder why nobody like the shit tagged “made in china” -_-

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