Cockroaches Steal 1000€ from Store in Mirijevo, Belgrade, Serbia

Cockroaches Steal 1000€ from Store in Mirijevo, Belgrade, Serbia

Alright, this happened yesterday in evening in Mirijevo, Belgrade (Serbia) municipality.

Two teenagers saw how blacks doing it in movies and they copied what they learn from movies and CCTV cam videos on you tube.

Anyhow, Serbs are not ones that obey robbers. You come in store to rob and everyone is on you so this thing is very rare here. Nobody giving a shit to listening their treats because usually they bluff and have no balls to kill and shoot.

Definitely, this type of disgusting behavior is new in Serbia and it is clearly imported from US by their occupation here and their laws for protection of kids and teens…
This is exactly what emerges as result of child protection policy.

What we know so far:
This cockroaches stole 1000€/1,123.75$

Older guy(cousin of owner) that tried to stop rats got punch or cut(not sure) and his eye is hurt(i’ll update all soon as i found what’s going on).

Knowing the Serbian police, they will be caught very soon and hopefully, beaten by blues-to blue.

Props to Best Gore member @srbijabgd for backinfo and the video:

Zero-Decibels ®

18 thoughts on “Cockroaches Steal 1000€ from Store in Mirijevo, Belgrade, Serbia”

  1. The title had me picturing an insanely bad cockroach infestation, with the floor a solid mass of creepy-crawlies that were literally carrying hundreds of bags of chips and other inventory out the door while the employees crouched helplessly on countertops.

    The real vid was okay, but THAT would have been epic!

  2. Not even Serbia is safe from these filthy Niggers. It’s a shame the store clerks don’t shoot ’em dead, even sadder that they didn’t drown before reaching our shores, would’ve saved the other fellow European countries the problem of dealing with these pests because we all know once they reach Germany mama Merkel will be receiving them with open arms and the German people are the ones who will be paying the price when these Niggers continue doing what they do best, thugging, raping, and popping out kids while sucking on welfare like leeches.

    1. So, my wife and I are driving back from the store this past weekend and she points out a car ahead stopped at the intersection. It was one of those silly vehicles with $4000 worth of tricked out suspension and blinged up wheels holding up a rusted out, broken down, shitbox. My wife says to me, “What kind of person drives such a car?” We soon passed it when the light changed and what do we see, but two niggers in the front seats. I turned to her and replied, “There’s your answer”, which she found pretty funny.

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