CCTV of Overinflated Tire Exploding and Killing Mechanic

CCTV of Overinflated Tire Exploding and Killing Mechanic

Looks like this happened in China. The CCTV footage from a tire workshop shows a truck tire mechanic stick his head between the tire and the truck’s cabin, when the explodes, allegedly due to over-inflation.

The explosion reportedly killed the mechanic, which is not all that surprising. I just wonder if the issue really was with the tire being overinflated, or maybe it exploded because it was a cheap knock off.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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68 thoughts on “CCTV of Overinflated Tire Exploding and Killing Mechanic”

    1. I’ve seen a few tyre videos here at BG and now whenever my dad asks me to pump up the tractor tyres or mums car tyres I do it at arms length and with my eyes partially closed…
      not that it’d help much…

  1. On any interstate you’ll always see plenty of dead rubber on the road due to tires blowing out because of improper inflation…..such a simple thing to learn can save you money and sometimes your life!

  2. Well,,, you could very well be right on the money, with your cheap knock-off Tire comment Mark, or @happy , because many trucks on the road today still drive around with those shitty, unsafe, and completely worn out, re threads. And because myself, and many other drivers have seen what happens to these heavy 6 foot long rubber strips of tire rubber, when scattered all over. And our local 416 highway has them on a regular basis, and they get run over by unsuspected vehicles, so, they should all be pulled off of the the truck parts store shelves forever, because of this. Fuck, i myself, have even witnessed, on a couple of occasions, cars run over them, and they roll around under their undercarriage, before spitting them out the back. They almost hit other vehicles, and could have caused a major accident. 🙁

  3. If these people learned some fucking english they would know what they are saying to each other and shit like this wouldn’t happen so often. They literally have to make a new letter everytime something get’s invented because their language is so backward and fucked.

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