Chinese Kid Wandering Down Street Steps Into Uncovered Manhole

Chinese Kid Wandering Down Street Steps Into Uncovered Manhole

Chinese Kid Wandering Down Street Steps Into Uncovered Manhole

CCTV video from China shows a kid wandering down an empty street and right into a manhole without a cover. There just had to be one, cause it makes so much fucking sense leaving manholes uncovered.

I can only imagine, down in those Chinese manholes, there’s a goddamned fucking Godzilla hiding down there someplace.

Props to Best Gore member @carnage-2 for the video:

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          14. Fine line between crazy and genius, thought you knew? ๐Ÿ™‚ So you saying I need to be in a loony bin, is a bit of compliment. Thanks, I guess? Lol.

          15. Fine line between crazy and genius, thought you knew? ๐Ÿ™‚ So you saying I need to be in a loony bin, is a bit of compliment. Thanks, I guess? Lol. Hmm, and by the way… Did I post this comment three times? For some strange reason I see it posted 3 times… Maybe it’s just me? If so, sorry for that… Don’t mean to spam. ๐Ÿ™‚ Only wanted it posted once… Oh well.

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  1. Must’ve got his motor skills from his parents cause he wasn’t paying attention at all to his surroundings… When he grew up, he definitely would have caused a fatal accident. It was God’s will, thou shalt be done, sayeth the Lord

      1. Probably spoiled and brought up to believe the world revolves around them… This kid needed to revolve around that hole… or perhaps, it was a black hole (metaphorically speaking). He will be reborn as a smart phone, ironically.

    1. There are distractions to be countered by every man and dog in China. However, when the typical citizen has 20% of normal forward vision, no peripheral vision and a recovery time of two seconds between blinks, shitโ€™s going to go down.

  2. โ€œI can only imagine, down in those Chinese manholes, thereโ€™s a goddamned fucking Godzilla hiding down there someplaceโ€œ.

    In Chicago they have alligators in their sewers………………….and niggers that have turned Chicago into a sewer so God knows what China has.

      1. (Yo bitch, I aiโ€™nt payin you shit. Dat little muda fucker aiโ€™nt beez mine. He beez sum other niggaz. Gnome sayin)

        -King Kong vs Wogzilla and the battle for child support payment. Coming to a cinema near you.

    1. Bullshit about alligators in sewers in Chicago. I don’t even live in Murica and know that Chicago is WAY too cold for reptiles. They are cold blooded and need constant temp around 28ยฐc. Thats why we in Australia have THOUSANDS of species of lizards and snakes and crocs etc. What is it with Muricans spreading fake news around the world ???…..

      1. Its always USA with you Muricans isn’t it? Why can’t he dig in China and end up in Australia ? Gods knows they must have a secret way of getting into Oz coz half of bloody China is here…..

        1. Maybe I worded it wrong.. “If you dig a hole strait down you’ll end up in North America.” Does that sound better?
          Bbq ygh
          I’m talking about kids and the little silly games they play when it comes to digging which all kids do and I surely remember in my own place of enrollment and growing up in backyards dayx…

  3. That right there is absolutely fucking Darwinism! Are you shitting me? What toddler wouldn’t be scared of a dark hole? Boop, gone!!

    Not to mention where the fuck is the “mother?” Stupid mother…stupid toddler…stupid bloodline ended right there!

  4. chinese children have inbuilt sensor from birth that leads them to new technology.. this killer hiding in the man hole is clever as fuck, almost as clever as Richard.

  5. Kids with this level of awareness will grow up and kill himself along with someone else while driving a car, so it’s best to weed them out while they’re young. I say make a shit load of open manholes all over the place.

  6. i won’t lie… i lol’d. that was hilarious! eh, it’s a kid, but that same kid woulda probably happy-assed it’s way into a manhole even as an adult. some people are just that kind of oblivious. we 80’s kids read/watched IT, we’ll never go happy-assing around dark holes!!! lol

  7. Where in the fuck are the parents……
    Then parents say,why did this happen to me,but why!!!

    Why did this happen to you,Well shittt letโ€™s think,still thinking,
    Because your ass was not outside watching the little shittt,thatโ€™s why…..

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