Chinese Man Catches a Baby That Fell Out of Window

Chinese Man Catches a Baby That Fell Out of Window

A CCTV video from Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province in China shows a man catching a one year old baby who fell from a second storey window. The baby is believed to have gone looking for his mother when he climbed onto the window and fell.

Panicked residents, in anticipation of the worst, put plastic and cardboard boxes on the road to soften the landing. While these may not have helped much, anything was been better than solid concrete.

But then, in the nick of time, two men held out their arms and one managed to safely catch the baby. There would have been a nasty splatted before everyone’s eyes if the man didn’t pull off the amazing catch.

An praiseworthy hero of a man, this one. Especially since this happened in China where many people just err on the side of ignorance for their own sake. BTW, this is not the first time a Chinese man caught a falling toddler. We’ve had a similar case on Best Gore before.

59 thoughts on “Chinese Man Catches a Baby That Fell Out of Window”

  1. This was shown all over the news, but only the catch was shown not the mother taking the baby away. I am glad that the baby seemed OK as there was nothing for him/her to bounce off when falling.

    1. @stomper. Yeah, but what if he missed!!! Splattered baby goo on the pavement! everyone looking at you! you cant just put your hands in your pockets and amble off down the road whistling ” What a wonderful world “. I fear a lynching of sorts would ensue. you could say his life depended on that catch.

  2. @Ate
    do I have to correct your wording or something cause “anything was been better than solid concrete.”
    doesn’t make any sense… should be….”anything would be better than hitting concrete.”

    anyway back to the post, that’s one lucky baby

    1. @rsking – I think that had the baby not been caught, had he landed on concrete the cleanup would be much messier than the cleanup had he landed in that tub or on cardboard. Luckily the baby was saved but the mother should have been much more thankful and much less careless!

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