Chinese Worker Engages Hydraulic Press with Coworker In It

Chinese Worker Engages Hydraulic Press with Coworker In It

Chinese Worker Engages Hydraulic Press with Coworker In It

CCTV from a workplace in what seems to be China shows a worker engage a hydraulic press while his coworker is still in it.

Makes you wonder if he’s just a terrible worker who’s so pressed for time that he’s giving no fucks with the deadly press, or he just straight-out murdered the co-worker.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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119 thoughts on “Chinese Worker Engages Hydraulic Press with Coworker In It”

    1. It’s that “Oh shit” moment at work when you’ve realised you’ve pressed the OK button for something to be done by the computer, which you realised is permanently the wrong thing.

      Only this time, it’s not money that’s been transferred out of the wrong place. It’s a soul that was transferred out of the body.

      No way did that fellow surviving a pancaking by the hydraulic press.

      1. I’m with you Spock, but it is my impression that in chinaland that “Oh shit” moment would be bigger if it was about money.
        A second button at the other side of the machine to be pressed simultaneously would certainly improve safety…. at the cost of time, so… nahhh.

      2. You can reverse a guy turned into a pancake. So was he fired for hitting a button and not realizing ? Next time he will hit the button after he confirms the guy is not cleaning the gadget.

  1. This is one of the reasons the place i work, with a few dozen presses, uses robots to load and unload parts. BUT, those robots cost like several million dollars apeice. So factories in places like China jus say ‘Fuck That!’, and will happily hire another cat to someday get squished.

  2. Crikey! Talk about sleeping on the job. Are you sure this isn’t the tractor driver from the turkey video?
    To think they probably did this job for barely minimum wage. No man left behind as the globalists say.

  3. I think if you perform monotonous menial tasks for too long, your brain switches off and you act like an automaton. The guy clearly hates his job and was dreaming of a different and better life; hence his absent-mindedness. This could have happened to the best of men.

  4. He was like ‘if you won’t get out in time, it’s your business.’ He didn’t even care too much that his coworker got crushed. It’s not an accident, mistake or anything. It’s just plain murder, no other way to see it.

  5. Seems like one of those oopsy daisy moments. Videos like these & lift crush china-man make me wonder ‘why didn’t they just react quick enough’ in order to avoid getting crushed. I mean the machinery didn’t just freefall on top of his head

  6. I’m in shock! – it looks like murder. I don’t believe people are that reckless with such dangerous machines. „Chaff‐cutter is stuck, I’ll push it with my bare hands. Oh, no! It’s eating my arm! Help!”
    He should be sued for that!

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