Chinese Worker Sucked Into Machine and Spun Round and Round

Chinese Worker Sucked Into Machine and Spun Round and Round

CCTV video from a workplace in China shows the worker getting suck into a machine and spun round and round and round and round…

Wearing loose clothing while working on machines with fast spinning bits is a sure fire recipe for disaster.

Props to Best Gore member @hugsthemuffin for the video:

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200 thoughts on “Chinese Worker Sucked Into Machine and Spun Round and Round”

          1. it probably did kill him but how did it even get attached to him? what caught on the machine? It must have been real strong because i honestly was expecting him to fly off after the 3rd spin

    1. See.. all that could of been prevented, if he was just wearing his safety glasses. As soon as he’s done horsing around, I’m sure OSHA is going to chat his ear off, before they put him back to work!!

  1. As if it isn’t bad enough to be on video for your coworkers to watch and get a hug laugh out of your bruised and beaten carcass is going to be found naked?

    “Round and round! With love we’ll find a way just give it time!”

    1. Videos like these should be shown at health and safety introductions so that people are aware of the danger that a moments lapse in concentration can put them in.
      Maybe not though because we won’t get as many of these videos πŸ˜‰

    1. I thought I wanted better resolution before… but this question REALLY makes me wish I could see what happened! I will never be able to read ‘mechanically separated’ on a package of meat again without thinking of this guy.

  2. Don’t want to sound disrespectful but this is actually a really good song.

    What did happen to this poor guy is of course horrible without any doubt.
    But China isn’t really known to be a country that cares about their employers safety and safety regulations in China is a joke.

    I wonder if they even do something to avoid things like this to happen ever again after an accident like this one or if they just continue like nothing ever happened with a light warning notice.
    It takes more then a sign and information about the danger. You need to actually put up safety fence and have really strict rules about what is allowed and not to do while machine is on. If you ever going close to a dangerous machine POWER OFF of course! Also working ALONE should never be allowed.
    A camera can’t do a shit. There must be someone to quickly step in and help right away.

    1. If I was standing right there I can guarantee you I wouldn’t be able to do shit without being kicked in the face by a spinning body. As soon as that thing took hold he was completely fucked… unless there’s an emergency stop button then maybe he has a very small chance… the neighbors are probably wondering why a shoe came busting through their window!

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