Chinese Woman Crushed in Elevator Accident

Chinese Woman Crushed in Elevator Accident

Best Gore has scientifically proven that elevators and escalators are mechanical monsters (possibly from another planet) who hate Asians. Time and time again we have seen this uncontrollable urge to murder Asians (particularly women) with extreme prejudice.

Latest victim of these flesh-hating monstrosities is a Chinese woman who’s head was snagged as the elevator began to lift, crushing her. News report shows the woman still hanging out while emergency crews work to free her.

Save yourselves! The Machines are here and hungry for your flesh!

Props to MrsPink.

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    1. I had a girlfriend ask me one time, “why do i always carry my pistol around the house”? “What are you so afraid of”?

      I looked her straight in the eye and said, “the motherfucking decepticons”.

      She laughed, I laughed, then the toaster laughed. I shot the toaster… Good times

    2. Perfecly working contraceptors.
      I suppose that these escalators & elevators are poorly maintenced. So turns out that “shit” can happen. For us americans and europeans that good.

      People of Republic China! Fear for your mashinised life, these steel demons will take your poor souls, before the 3rd Word War!!!

  1. Is it possible that the majority of Asians are shit at using elevators? How do you fuck up taking an elevator? If you’re in it and it fails and falls, fair enough. It just doesn’t seem to happen much in other parts of the world. If i ever go to China I’m gonna buy a box of beer, find an elevator and sit in front of it, waiting for the inevitable.

    1. Just stay far enough back…they may grasp at you like a drowning man and take you with them or worse some lady will throw her kid up for grabs and you spill or drop your beer trying to catch it.
      Not saying you would spill or drop your beer on purpose mate….but it would be a Western conditioned civilized reflex / response on your part.

        1. Fuckin A, and a post-1950s one at that! No “potatoe-vision” as Obli so eloquently put it a few posts ago. If i ever treat myself to a decent camera, I’m getting ine that can playback Hd at seriously slow speed. Watching the mechanics of death in highly detailed slow-mo is a fascination of mine.

        1. And We seem to be able to use their inventions just fine without killing ourselves.
          At one time your right they may have set the standards.
          But they haven’t come up with a single thing since rubber dog poo. πŸ˜‰

        2. The west didn’t invent the printing press but the west did improve upon it… That’s a fact…

          Asia invented gunpowder and fireworks… But the west was the first to actually shoot one up into space…

          Mechanical clock?… Really?… I can still tell time by looking at the shadow of a tree…
          Are you gonna tell me Asia invented that?…

          C’mon man…

          1. I wasn’t questioning whether Asians invented the mechanical clock… ALL people throughout history have been able to tell time…

            Of course nobody sent anything into orbit with gunpowder but my point was that the Chinese were the first to invent rocketry with gunpowder but the west improved upon it by sending it into space… Fact…

      1. I’ve seen what happens when ya do that. I think I might live a few years longer just from the tips I picked up from bestgore over the years. I definitely drive differently on the road; keep the fuck away from vehicles bigger than mine when I can, and keep an eye out for motorcyclists and peole on bicycles. Everything that Asians don’t do, basically.

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          3. @am0ur Very interesting. I’ve always been lukewarm on having my nut sack messed with (mainly because it provides very little stimulation) but it sounds like you are referring more to the taint/choad region, if I’m not mistaken. I wonder how to ease into the whole “will you stimulate my prostate” question without scaring a chick off? πŸ™‚

      1. @dead ohio
        Don’t knock it till you try it bro. You get a female who knows what’s she is doing, that shit will make your toes curl. Not to mention it’s healthy. Ive only experienced it once, and id do it again give the chance. Im as straight as they come in terms of sexuality. So homo shit, just experienced females need apply.

        1. @blayvier
          I’m 100% straight too so It wouldn’t bother me trying it, I’ve just never been with a chick who would have had that type of experience. Now that I’m married, my wife is pretty conservative so she would probably just laugh at me. Shit…

        2. How do get a girl to do that to you? Are you serious? All you have to do is please her right. She will offer to do the deed, guaranteed. You may start by eating your girl’s anus if that’s a possibility.

  2. She was resisting so the elevator was forced to restrain her and things got out of hand. The elevator is awaiting trial but all charges are expected to be dropped; Most of the public believes the victim got the shaft.

  3. I always think the film ‘ final destination’ has a real truth to it, if it’s a lift or a simple bus ride then instant death.. haven’t we all got death marked for each and everyone one of us, just love to know what fucker is mine !!

      1. @ soup, I already took my clarets calender down just for you and posted this typical family photo from a forest fan! Fuckin hate forest fans more than niggers is that bad ?? Which is your rival scum bag team btw ??

        1. @gezza
          Good question. I think I have a harder time watching the Rams choke on an easy score, as opposed to having a rival team.

          When you get a team this bad, then simply winning a game becomes a luxury.
          In my opinion, you’re team has to be good enough, to have the luxury of picking your rivals. I don’t think anyone gives a fuck who your rival is, when you end up 6-10. πŸ™‚

          But I’d still love to have your avatar as a calendar. I laugh so hard at times, it makes my eyes water.

          πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  4. What a fucked up way to die, or get injured.

    This will add to my database of elevator nightmares. I have consistently have nightmares of elevators that are malfunctioning, usually in the league of it coming to a stop halfway between floors and the door opening, or randomly fucking up it’s function, etc.

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