Chinese Worker Shocked to Death

Chinese Worker Shocked to Death

An alleged Chinese female worker in kitchen of sorts is shocked to death.

This footage seems to be fugazi. One reason, person has 2 rubber mitts on. Second reason, there is no water on floor down below.

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  1. Yea doesn’t look really to me either… Looks like she is just trying to get workers comp haha. She was standing there working and Bam on the floor. We’ve all seen real electrocutions…

    1. This soft cunt needs to research , whilst being electrocuted you’re unable to randomly move your arm around. Dickhead .

      I was once electrocuted in a bakery … I stood on a bun and a currant shot up my leg ! Giggle !

      1. I’m not sure but i think it is/was a man. Anyway he did seem to straighten his hair out a couple of times. I need to consult a body language expert on what it means to straighten your hair whilst being electrocuted.

      2. Education a deadly thing! from 6-25 Milliamps you lose muscular control, 9-30 Milliamps you can no longer voluntarily let go, 50-150 Milliamps you suffer severe muscle contractions, respiratory arrest and extreme pain. You start to cook from the inside. The gloves are not voltage rated gloves they’re for washing and cleaning.
        So, yes it’s possible for your limbs not attached to the electric source to flail around. And until body weight and gravity have worked long enough they won’t fall free till mass and gravity overcome her grip.

  2. I electrocuted myself once, I was about 8 or 9 years old or so & my bedside lamp’s bulb blew.. My Dad took it out & went to get a new one, while he was away I started fucking around with the lamp.. Clicking it on & off, on & off.. Wondering.. Hmmm… Aaannd..
    I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this…
    And, yes.. You’re right.. I went & stuck my finger in the fucking bulb socket when it was switched on.!
    Let me tell you… That shit still makes me fucking cringe & shudder today, 30 odd years later & I can still feel it.!!
    I went as rigid as a board, I couldn’t pull my fucking finger out, even though my instincts SCREAMED TO DO IT.!!
    Not my brain though.. That was literally in “SHOCK”.. I didn’t have a coherent thought throughout.. But I can still remember that PANIC.!
    My body started to jerk about & convulse, then I literally flung myself over the bed & across the room to land upside down, on my stupid, thoroughly “shocked” noggin.!
    I think I couldn’t pull my finger out because I’d picked the lamp up with my left hand & stuck my right index finger in the socket.. Then when I got shocked my arms just locked in that position…. Obviously making the whole fucking situation so much better.!!
    So yeah.. Don’t stick your body parts into electric sockets kids..
    All’s well that ends well though, eh. I’m alrigghhhttyhnhnnoowee..uuugghhhghh.
    (sorry.. Had to do it)

    1. Perfect description. I had a similar experience when I was 6. I went to grab this metal pipe to help pull myself up to look over the fence and into the alley of the new apartments we had just moved into. One of the people next door were stealing power. They had a wire running up that pipe, with a coat hanger on the end, hooked over the power line(I later saw this in the thousands in Mexico in the 90’s).
      They wrapped the pipe in electrical tape but part of it was exposed. That’s the part I grabbed onto.
      Exact same situation as above, buy I also pissed myself and passed out.
      I woke up to the neighbor kid standing there staring at me, got up and went home crying to mama.

    2. @Alan Taylor
      As kid you put finger in bulb socket, now you put somewhere else, in worm juicy thing.

      I got taste of electrocution once when i touched refrigerator and radiator.
      There was bad earthing and moment i touched, lights out.
      I “wake up” being high on air with eyes wide open asking myself wtf just happened!?
      Bonus story :p
      It was a Earthquake once, about 4.5 magnitude at night and all i remember is-being out in second, running like Usain Bolt.
      I don’t know what glued this dude like this(it looks real to me).

  3. Looks real enough. Don’t think it’s the wire on the ground as she gets the shock a little bit after after tapping it with both feet. My thought is that it was what she touched and that water from the rag ran down the glove onto her skin.

  4. Definitely fugazi.
    I didn’t see a flash of electricity, the patch she was standing on had no water.
    Still, when you’re being paid 17p per hour for work that other countries pay the equivalent of £4 per hour, it is understandable to try shit like this and win compo.

  5. you see that bitch hit the floor? i bet it was real, low voltage shock to a teeny weak asian lady. those people have famously awful electrical distribution design (lots of it is stolen thru walls or off neighbors lines, just ghetto rigged) . even 2019 im sure there’s still restaurants all over with wiring hanging over sinks and water.

  6. I have also been shocked to the point of actually being dragged by the electric current under my own house literally!! Now I’m no expert in electrical current or anything else but as a matter of opinion I do not see this as a fake video! It looks like the contact started when one of her feet touched the cable on the floor so maybe it had a short and she made contact in the right spot!! And her arm moving could mean that she was struggling desperately trying to fight in order to grab something or anything to help release her off the current! Now one would say how does she do this with flip flops on right!! Well the answer to that question is very simple a metal clasp on the flip flop something decorative on her shoes since she is female or chooses to be either way! Notice and watch her feet once contact is made one leg doesn’t move again and the only way she was able to move her arm a little is by the time the current reaches her upper extremeties it is weakened by traveling up her body which allowed two things to happen one being the struggle! and the second being she stayed on her feet and lived longer thru the agony of being electrocuted before slamming to the floor.

    If you notice someone electrucuted with a stronger current it is more like a quick zap and fire and drop with death being almost instant!! So in conclusion I would bet my last dollar this video is genuine.

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