Concrete Slab Falls on Guy Walking Down Street

Concrete Slab Falls on Guy Walking Down Street

Concrete Slab Falls on Guy Walking Down Street

In an unspecified country, as two guys walked down a street, one got taken out by a concrete slab that appears to have fallen on his head. The incident was caught on a CCTV camera.

Seems to be a freak accident. At first, he seems to be alive, but at end of the video, he seems to have succumb to his injury. I love how he split his pants. Adds insult to injury.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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83 thoughts on “Concrete Slab Falls on Guy Walking Down Street”

      1. 1. Somehow he heard or felt something (perhaps the cable line) and froze 1 second before it happened. If he kept walking without worry, the concrete would have missed him by a few inches.. A split second decision becomes the difference between life and death

        2. People will say: why didn’t he walk on the pedestrian pavement? This is jaywalking and it’s a crime in the US, for black people only though. What if he walked on the pedestrian side, the concrete pillar would have missed him by meters…

    1. Building codes are ignored in most shithole countries. It’s just the way it has always been. If the only way you can pass inspection is by paying a bribe to the Inspector, then why bother to follow code? These are the same kind of people that migrate to the US and bring their way of doing things with them. Falling architecture coming to a city near you! News at 11

    1. I agree. He is too soft. It’s just not biologically fallible. We all know that the humanoid has the toughest exoskeleton of any life form that graces the ground we walk on. Rubble can’t crack a narcissist barrier.

  1. An avalanche of debris caught him off guard prior to the chunk of concrete tumbling onto him. He would of survived if he didn’t let the pesky pellets stop him in his tracks. Direct hit.

  2. Something made him stop first then the coup de gras was delivered by the heavy slab. No way he would survive that.
    It reminds me of the indian lady walking down the road that got swatted by the tree. Once again best gore shows us that when our time’s up fate will step in.

    1. I think maybe the big truck misjudged a low hanging cable/wire. As the truck rips through the cable, the initial small pieces of debris fall, making him stop, then the final blow with the slab?

  3. The truck destroyed an electric pole with its height, indeed a freak accident.
    The impact was so severe he farted and split his pants and that thing running down the leg… it wasnt blood.

    On the other hand we can see a modern version of the type of accident that produced that skeleton in pompeii also with a concrete slab headshot, shame in those times there werent cctv cameras.

  4. The universe arranging things. I wonder what lead this man to this fate. He looked like he was with a work colleague and maybe even just off work leaving the office.

    Or its lunch time and he’s gonna be late getting back.

  5. HE SURVIVED !!!

    A man was injured after being struck by a concrete object on Avenida Eduardo Roberto Daher, 119, in Itapecerica da Serra, metropolitan region of São Paulo, on the afternoon of Friday 8th June

    According to the images of a street safety camera, the man was walking on the road when he was struck by a piece of concrete. The victim was rescued by the Fire Department and taken by SAMU to the General Hospital of Itapecerica da Serra. He had facial injuries and a fractured femur.

    The case was registered by the Metropolitan Civil Guard in the Itapecerica da Serra Police Station.

    Source ;

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