Construction Worker Loses Finger in Mishap with Crane

Not Much to Save on Totally Crushed Finger

Construction Worker Loses Finger in Mishap with Crane

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @welcometoeurabia, who’s a crane operator and lost his finger in a mishap with a crane:

Yesterday I lost my finger during work. I am a construction worker that works with a crane.

When I grabbed the lifting chain the chain suddenly was raised. My hand got stuck beneath the crane and I could not let go. It all happened in a split second.

I wore thick working gloves but that doesn’t matter cause there is a few tons of tension on the chain. My pinky was crushed to shit.

I was taken to the intensive care where they took all their time to drink some coffee while I was bleeding all over the floor.


They took some photos and cleaned my hand, turned out the first bone in my pinky was crushed to hundreds of pieces so they had to amputate it because they couldn’t fix it.

I got 22 stitches and a lot of “phantom pain” or something. Luckily they gave me hell a lot of morphine ;).

Got to tell you it feels funny with a amputated finger. You think it’s still there and feel it, but nothing happens.

Thanks a lot for sharing the pics and the story with us, @welcometoeurabia. I wonder if one could make a woman scream with a phantom finger:

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89 thoughts on “Construction Worker Loses Finger in Mishap with Crane”

  1. I had a cousin who was hit by a drunk driver years ago. They had to amputate his left leg, because the bones were totally shattered, and infection was setting in.

    He said the same thing, in regards to still having the feeling that his left leg was still there. His doctors said, that it takes some time for the nerves to stop sending messages to the brain, that the limb has been lost. He said on several occasions, he got up out of bed and fell on his face, because he still thought he had his leg.

    Good luck with your recovery!

      1. It’s already advanced enough to make a prothesis that responds to the signals from the brain and moves. I’ve seen a TED talk where a women with an amputated leg danced a tango with a guy, she had one of those.

        The sad thing is, it’s crazy expensive, and for some FUCKING reason the world give little fuck about this amazing technology and not in a hurry to fund it and bring to the market. I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with people.

    1. I had my left leg amputated in ’99 and I still feel my foot every day. It doesn’t bother me so much now but when it was first amputated it felt like my foot was crammed into a size 3 kids shoe. That lasted for about 2 years.

      1. Damn no wonder your name, do you use a titanium leg? A buddy of mine uses one after losing it at work. He actually forgets he’s actually missing a leg sometimes. Goes out on dog walks runs etc.

        1. Not sure what the foot is but the socket is carbon fiber. It has an offset in it because of a bone disease I have. Cost around $27,000 about 5 years ago. And I’ve NEVER forgotten I’m missing a limb. I use crutches a lot now so walking and running are definitely out of the question.

      2. Interesting. Thanks for the insight!

        It took several years before the sensation of my cousin’s left leg to go away. But finally most of it did. I guess it affects different people in different ways. Or possibly, it depends on which limb is amputated and how. It’s amazing how the nervous system works within our bodies.

  2. We in a fingering roll this week, seems Bestgoristani citizens are cursed with close calls with death… and gore. Rest assured gentlemen and dames I will record gore if I see it on my Sony A7RIII in full HD and doing shout outs! I always have it in my pack just in case with a wide angle lense 🙂 for maximum overkill.

    1. That reminds me of one of our industrial park lawn care staff who liked to run the big mower on the back side of our company’s lawn. I was out of town that summer day of ‘83 when the highly trained techician took it one turn too many to the edge.

      Anyway, a few guys in the prototype/maintenance/dock area got to see the lawn pro finally roll that fucking tractor. I suppose today I’d rather hear a report the retard removed a chunk of his head instead of his left ass cheek, but it had to be cool.

  3. That’s the second fucked up pinky this week and as I said to the last guy… it couldn’t have happened to a more useless appendage.
    …and to answer the reply I got the last time… he still has seven others he can use to pick his nose… nine if he was a negro.

  4. @welcometoeurabia

    I Hope that You Heal Well My Good B G Bro! In My 25 + years working in Construction myself, i have seen many injuries like yours. And it is always sad to see hard-working people getting hurt on the job, when all they are trying to do is to feed their families. Construction works is one of the most dangerous jobs out there, but unfortunately,,, Not Much Credit If Any, Is Ever Given To The Individuals That Get Up Sore, And Super Early Every Morning, And Sometimes End-Up Working Super Late, While Braving The Elements To Ensure That Everybody Gets Their Shelters On Time.

    But Sadly,,, These People, or These Incredibly Hard-Working Individuals That Perform These Extremely Dangerous, and Very Hard, Body-Breaking Jobs Everyday, Are Not Often Appreciated Enough By The General Public as a whole For Destroying Their Bodies in order to keep Us All Safe, And Warm Shelters To Keep Our Families, & Ourselves Comfy, & Happy Every Single Day Of Our Lives! 🙁

    They Truly Are Some Of The True Unsung Hero’s,,, For Doing These Such Hard-Back-Breaking Jobs Everyday! **SO KUDOS TO YOU** My Construction Brothers, & Sisters Of The World! 🙁

  5. @welcometoeurabia
    There’s better ways to get out of work than giving your boss the finger.
    Seriously, sorry to hear what happened.
    The phantom pain is a bitch to control. Peripheral nerves continue to grow, and can terminate at the injury site creating a neuroma.
    I’ve found the best treatment is
    botulinum toxin (Botox) which can last up to 6 months, per injection, and can completely deaden the nerve
    Hang in there!

  6. That’s a bummer of a lost digit. I’ve read peoples post here that it’s a worthless digit anyhow, and you’ll be fine without it. You will be of course… although..The pinky is responsible for all of your strongest grip strength. Not to say you can’t hold on, but you’ll find just not as strongly. Sorry that happened to you.

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