Crushed Tip of Middle Finger Waits for Thenar Flap Procedure

Tip of Finger Crushed and Amputated

Crushed Tip of Middle Finger Waits for Thenar Flap Procedure

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @cushypushy, who lost the tip of his middle finger when it got crushed at work:

Hey! I recently had a traumatic amputation of my right middle finger. I lost my grip while moving a large commercial kitchen griddle. Smashed right off between the griddle and a a stainless steel table.

Now the finger is sewn to the palm of my hand for 2 weeks as a living skin graft is grown. The procedure is called a Thenar Flap and is pretty fucked up. Enjoy!

Many thanks for the pics, @cushypushy. I wish you all the best with the upcoming procedure:

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36 thoughts on “Crushed Tip of Middle Finger Waits for Thenar Flap Procedure”

    1. @pickmynose123
      Very interesting procedure indeed Brother.
      And @cushypushy Do Not forget to give anyone that finger if they piss you off, as it would be a special way of telling them to Fuck-Off seeing that it will leave them speechless at the same time.

      We all Hope you continue to heal well my good Best-Gore brother. Thanks For Sharing my man. 🙂

  1. I would do a Terminal Symes type procedure. It’s usually done on the toes. In the Symes your finger will be a little shorter but what you have will have 100% nerve supply and heal in about 3 weeks where you can get it wet.

    In that flap procedure there will an unpredictable degree of numbness which can be a problem particularly if its on your dominant hand.

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  3. Any chance next time you could capture your head between said griddle and stainless steel table, thus producing a scene on the top of your head similar to the tip of your finger? Please also….kindly do us the service of filming this and uploading the video. Thanks.

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