Helicopter Tail Rotor Accidentally Chops Up Man Walking Into It

Helicopter Tail Rotor Accidentally Chops Up Man Walking Into It

Helicopter Tail Rotor Accidentally Chops Up Man Walking Into It

Story Time With Uncle Dan: Get To The Choppa!

No location or background info was included with this video.

If I had to take a guess, I would say it took place in Stupidstan. This country is populated by a people that possess no more than fifty IQ points on average.

Watch as this Stupidstanian walks directly into the tail rotor of a helicopter, not realizing that it will obliterate his head and leave his soul without a home.

It’s called a chopper for a reason.

Props to Best Gore member @massoli for the video:

My name is Dan, I’m an uncle and I like to tell stories ©

247 thoughts on “Helicopter Tail Rotor Accidentally Chops Up Man Walking Into It”

        1. @BadJonny
          Ha, ha, ha dude!, that was a good one!

          Here are a couple more concerning Women,,,
          What do Flying saucers & Smart Women have in common???
          You hear a lot about them,,, but you never see them.

          What do Mopeds & Fat Women Have In Common???
          They are both Fun To Ride T’ill your friends see ya.

          A Man had a sex change operation, and was asked a few questions since it was the first time such a feat was achieved.
          So they ask him/her,,,

          What part hurt the most In Surgery was it when they removed your penis???
          Or, was it the part where they made the hole afterwards to make the pussy??

          Oh they both hurt quite a bit,,, but what part of the surgery hurt me the most, was when they had to take-out 1/2 of my brain 😉

          1. Q: What’s the difference between anal sex & a microwave oven?
            A : A micro-wave oven doesn’t ‘brown your meat’

            Q: What’s the difference between a woman’s anus & a 9 volt battery ?
            A: You know it’s wrong, but you still put your tongue on it anyways ..

            Weeeeeeee !!

      1. Chopper: Look, you’re not still angry at me about the leg, are you?

        Neville Bartos: Nah, forget about it.

        Chopper: Because I don’t know if you remember, Neville, but I had that bloody shotgun pointed at your head. I reconsidered and dropped it down to your kneecap. Remember?

        Neville Bartos: Forget about it. All right?

        Chopper: I mean, what the bloody hell were you doing getting lippy at me with a bloody shotgun? I had a bloody loaded shotgun.

        Neville Bartos: The leg is okay, all right?

    1. @AfricanAngel
      Yes Indeed,,, Next Gore Fuck,,, & Chop, Chop! 😉

      Oh,,, And B.T.W,,, I knew that there was No Way that you were part of that Two-Faced & Back-Stabbing (Cunt-Sortium-Crew) That “Nemes” Made Sure That He Was Part Of. But Not You my Darling Best-Gore Veteran Sister ,,,, Not You! 🙂

      So Please be careful hun as there are a lot of gossipers & back-stabbers like never before on here. And Yes A Couple of Cowardly-Newbies are the ones *As Always*
      Stirring The Pot, cause of their self-esteem problems getting no hugs from Dad.

        1. That’s because you are (like Nemes) a brown smelly-inbred, & furthermore,,, I was “NOT” Talking To You, You Fucking Neanderthalistical-Dildo you, lol.

          @Bad Jonny Lol, what a joke,,,as (Bad Jerk-Off) sounds much better queer boy!

          Ohhh-No,,, Not another Fucking Fagot-Newbie,,, Oh-No!
          Why don’t you go such that Girly-Boy Nemes Cock Goof, cause apparently,,, his wife doesn’t like sucking Pencil-Dicks Like You, so you would fit the Bill.


          Bwa,ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaaa Idiot-stick!

          1. @Bad Jonny
            @So was I Dude,,, just joking, fucking around, & playing.
            But i play a little rough/hard sometimes. Maybe it’s because i have A Tiny Little Sea-Horse dick??? bwa ha ha! 😉

            As per Nemes,,, I Would “Not” Go sucking on his dick my man, because he plays both sides of the street sort of speak, and is weak in the wrists,,, if ya know what i mean, 😉

          2. ‘Dre, never congratulated you on your successful surgery because I almost don’t give a fuck. Anyway, it’s good to see you tearing it up – must mean the pain is finally less than Rotor Man’s bad hair day.

          3. Of COURSE Andre was just “just joking, fucking around, & playing” bad Jonny” Do you not know him by now?
            @thedre .
            “Girly-Boy” Bwa,ha, ha, ha, – Bwa,ha, ha, ha, – Bwa,ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
            good one dre. Bwa,ha, ha, ha, – Bwa,ha, ha, ha, . He @hopingfornemesis IS a fucking girltboy! Bwa…Bwa…Bwa…Bwa……BBBBWWWWAAAA – HA,HA,HA,….eha, eha, bwa…ha…..ha!………ha………..h……..hmm……ah. hmm.

            As you well know – Ive always sucked at the one liner/name calling jokes that you are so good at. I just dont have the, the erm… i dunno, the “bitterness” that you have to make these jokes work so well. Ive tried my best, but…. Guess comedy just aint my thing right now?
            Ive tried also on other sites…. and my jokes just dont go over.
            I fucking wish that i have the quick-wit that you have Andre….
            … I would be *”JOKER-KING”* of my big, empty, lonely house all day….. until my wife came home from work, anyway!!

            You classic, veteran, ole jokemaster of BG, joking joker, you!!

          4. I Would like that as i’m sure that Hopingfornemesis & Karmen40 would also like-it. But being that both Nemes and I Are both These Testosterone-filled Alpha-Males, Sort Of Speak,,, We tend to butt heads more often than others, although i really do like my brother Nemes & actually All my B G rothers and Sisters,,, All of them.

            Furthermore Yourself @HonkeyKong & Karmen40 are the voice of reason, and always trying to help our situation, and i see it for what it is,,, You’s are good and caring dudes man,,, truly 🙂

            So *Please Nemes* do not take me so seriously Dude, cause we both could turn this into a comedy show of sorts, and have fun making others laugh while we go Ape-Shit On Each Other. And with Your Wit, i would end up on the loosing-end but it would be fine cause at the end of the day we would look like these 2 guys, Ralph E. Wolf and Sam Sheepdog below! Pls. see the end, lol. 🙂

          5. @Casual Observer
            How can i get mad at such a funny comments that always seen to come from you, lol. 😉
            And,,, I Love you too brother, smack!!! smack!!! kiss, kiss. lol. 🙂

          6. @hopingfornemesis
            Lol, Thay was funny dude. 🙂
            But yea, all of my friends get a kick outta me, cause we o call each other Cunts,,,Tell each other to put our Big-Boy Panties on. And we even tell each other shit like your Mother Gave good head last night, but only after she took her dentures out, and shit like that.

            So their wives and Cathy just grin, and shake their heads whenever we get together to play cards, or have a B.B.Q. and as weird as this may sound Nemes the more we bug somebody, it usually means, that the more we like him/her, or the person in question.

            So do not take me seriously brother as i do, and have Always liked you’s all. Even Ms.Lexis even though the feeling (at least i think) is not mutual. 🙂

          1. I Have Nemes,,, and that name Spastic is just too funny as my step-sister used to call me a fucking spaz while growing-up. Hummmm,,, have You Been Fucking Me Sister Nemes, ya dirty dod ya?? lol. 😉

          2. @Karmen40
            Lol, brother, as You also are An Alpha Male. And i say this in a good way meaning that you are not a push over. And myself i do have to take testosterone shots, or apply testosterone cream in order to have energy, and it sucks!

          3. ah fuck it Andre, i was only messing about and making a sarcastic joke with nemes regarding the alpha male/testosterone thing. Its no problem.

            Can i ask you something @thedre? [and tell me to mind my own business if you like] . When you take a testosterone shot -And im guessing the shot is into skin or muscle rather than vein- Do you notice any effect minutes after? you know, like a “hit” of testosterone or something…. a change in mood maybe… a rush of energy or drive, or something?
            I am genuinely interested Andre,.. Ive seen you talk about testosterone shots and cream a few times and wondered about the effects it has on you – especially the injections/shots?
            If you dont wanna discuss it, i understand. But as i say, im interested.

      1. @karmen40
        Hey Brother,
        No i don’t mind talking about-it whatsoever. When i take an injection it is done by somebody else as it goes right at the bottom of your ass cheek about 1 1/2 inches to 2 1/2 inches to the right, or left of the bottom of your spine.

        But now i have this new cream (instead of getting shots) that i rub into my skin either between my belly-button to my pubic hairline, or on the back of my arms between the wrist, and shoulder. It soaks-in rather quickly because it is
        Isopropyl-Alcohol-Based, and it smells like pure alcohol.

        As for feeling any type of rush (euphoria, or the like,,, nope, nothing, Nada. I usually do not feel an energy spurt until the evening, if i took it in the morning. But sometimes depending on what you eat or drink, it can affect it’s timeline, and therefore you will not feel it till the very next morning, oe even afternoon.

        And as for my mood changes,,, unfortunately it does affect-it. I can get frustrated quite quickly, and have a lot less patience that i already do not have much of, lol, as i’m sure you’s can all tell. I Can give you the name for it, and which Pharmaceutical Company it comes from along with the actual dose if you like? let me know brother.

        And again Karmen anything i can do to help-out a fellow man, i am all for, so please ask me any question you like, and i will answer it to the best of my ability. But either way it will always be the truth first-off because of my morals, and secondly, to also not steer a poor soul in the wrong direction, and cause them any type of pain whether it be physical, or mental, because i made something out to be this type of super drug that will change their lives for the better.

        Hope that this answers some of your questions
        and that you find-it useful Karm,
        Cheers Bud,,,
        Andre. 🙂

        1. @thedre
          Fucking hell, an injection to one side or the other at bottom of spine?! that does NOT sound like fun!
          I bet you are happy now to be using the cream and not having to have the shots.

          No, it doesnt matter about telling the name or dosage or anything…
          … i was just interested in the effects of the shots and cream, And you answered well, telling me much about it.
          Thanks for that….. interesting stuff

          1. @Karmen40
            Thanks for asking brother, as it shows that you care, and are trying to get to know me better, and find-out for yourself all she shit that i am going through everyday in order to stay somewhat a little healthy. And now you know why some days i fly off the handle more than others, cause as you stated in your previous comments that yes it does affect your mood at times, and can make you grouchy. 🙁
            You are a good man Karm,,, I have always known that since the first couple of comments that we shared a few years ago, so please man,,, do not ever change. 🙂

      2. @LadyLexis ,, @Illegalsmile55 ,,@hopingfornemesis ,, @Karmen40 ,, @Svarg26

        ***First-Off,,, I Am Sorry About The Long But 100% Honest Read Guys/Gals,,,***

        You Gals,,, “Lady & Smile”are both are so witty, and super funny, that how can i not loves ya’s,,, as you’s always crack me up, and cheer me up whenever i am at my worse, and having a bad day & while you’s roast me, as i honestly love the attention
        coming from my Loving Best-Gore Sisters. But more importantly,,, (well at least for me) is that i know that you both do not hate my guts, but in fact, & Instead,,,
        you’s actually like me, even if just a little. I Mean how,,, How can you totally, and completely hate somebody that has been with you’s all for so many years, and have gone through so much together, like we all have, while sticking with Best-Gore, and all of it’s trials, & tribulations, How? especially somebody like Yours Truly bwa-ha 😉

        And because we all stuck together “And Always” as a good 2nd. family would,,
        (or at least in most cases),,, in times of crisis. And man,,, did we have our share of them, sort of speak, lol. But we never gave-up on Mark, and Encouraged him all the way, with only (A Very Few Of Us) sticking around to where it brings us today. And i find-it mind-blowing how time passes so quickly on here, and well of course in general as we all get older, right?

        So how could we not be tight after all that we have been through together? And it does not matter if we are Newer or Older Members, we are all the same, and we all deserve the same respect as it makes B G what it has always been for me, and that is a second home, and a place that i’m sure many of us feel this sense of security, and of belonging which we all strive to attain in life. And I Have found it right here with “You’s All”, my 2nd. family, where it’s ok to disagree with each other, or that we all do not believe in the same things, or that we have fight like blood family. 🙂

        And with all of the history, and past that we created and were part of together that is now behind us,,, we can now focus on the future, and the great things to come for us all, and the best part is that we will hopefully all be doing it together. Cause i would not change one thing,,, or one member, as we all belong together, in this place we call our second home.

        But nothing can, and will ever change the fact that when i say that I Love You’s,, it’s not simply just uttering those 3 words, (but i really do mean what i say) when i say this. I have always been told by family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors alike, that i had a big heart, “Way Too Big” many would say, as i often “still” get hurt, and taken advantage of quite often, and to this very day. And i mean taken advantage of many, many times in my life, but i still refuse to give up on Love and Man/Womankind. 🙂

        So because of this,,, i have always tried,, and continue to try real hard to be a good man, and to help any fellow human being that is lonely, and in need of a Friend to this very day. And if i cannot give them much money,,, one thing that I Can, And will always give others to my last dying breath,,, is to Give them Love, and show them somebody out there cares for, and loves them. 🙂 any one one in need, but especially a fellow Best-Gore Member who needs it, Is My Time. 🙂
        And i will never turn my back on, or turn down the opportunity to lend a helping ear to Anybody who wishes to speak to me, and about anything. So whether it be about a tough Divorce that they might be going through,, or maybe they are going through their parents splitting-up,,, or finding-out that they just caught, or found-out that their long time soulmate & partner cheated on them,,, it does not matter as i have always,,, and will always lend a helping hand, or an ear.

        Everybody need A Shoulder To Cry On from time to time, but unfortunately many of these same people are alone in life, with little to no friends,,, and no family. 🙁 So how can i say no to lending hand with A Kind, and Reassuring Voice to somebody in desperate need of a friend,,, How?? I Cannot do it, so whether it simply be by Lending them an ear, even at 3 in the morning, and lasting till 3 the next afternoon, which happened one one occasion where this younger member was having a rough go in life, and was dealt a shitty hand. And because i have been there myself, in most cases i can relate 100%. And i say this because i have been cheated-on more than once,,, Screwed Royally & Financially Ruined more than once, Divorced,,, I was on the streets myself at the young age of 14/15 leaving behind a cold, and violent home and in the ensuing chaos on the streets,,, I Myself almost committed suicide on many more than one occasion. and therefore feel like i can truly help-out, and hopefully with time, and patience i can help her/him change for the better, somebodies life in the process. did so on many of occasions. And let me tell you’s my loving siblings that there is no better feeling in the world than knowing that you played a major part/role in helping save some poor souls life.

        So because some poor members were going through a tough time, and on a few occasions,,, Some Of Them Were Even Contemplated Committing Suicide, until hours of talking later i convinced them that life is good, and that their problems were merely temporary, and that the Sun would come-out, and shine again soon enough. 🙂 So This long-Ass Message was simply to say that,,, I Really Do,,, and have always, & *Most Sincerely Have Always Loved-You,,, & I Really Mean,,, All You Guys/Gals 🙂

        And i could not *Ever Be More Honest* When I Say this. So please believe me when i say so, cause This is so very important to me for you’s all to know this. I have shared
        with you’s some of my most Intimate, & Personal Parts of my life, that i would not
        ever even dream of sharing with some of my own Blood Relatives, so this is how much i trust, and care of my B G Family Old, or New Members Alike. And because You’s have been the ones that have been part of my life, and more-so than the people, or “Sheeple” i should say out there, as We Are Now All Part Of The Awaken since the very day we joined this Gore Site.

        And after having lost our virginity,(sort of speak), lol, and having done so all together, and that it happened to each, and everyone of us, at different times, matters none, as what truly matters is the fact that once we joined we have all instantly become part of a growing, caring family. And i saw this cause once we looked at that first gore pic/video,,, that was it. we awoken to the real, and ugly world that awaits us, and losing our innocence, and dreamlike state that we were all living in this beautiful,,, kind,,, and for the most part, mostly safe world.

        And We can help Change The World One Member At A Time by awakening more, and more, while having them join us in this fight for freedom, & against all the evil that rules and controls it. And how do we do this you may ask? We do so by continuing to to do what we have all done since day one. And that is to keep exposing them Bastards, till enough of us continue speaking-out, and doing so loud and clear, that the whole entire world wakes up, and takes us seriously.


        1. Yeah certainly going well with me Thedre, although the weather is decreasing here in Holland 🙂 we haven’t spoken in a while, so how are things at your end 🙂 ? Enjoy your weekend an we’ll stay in touch! Greetings my man.

        2. Hey BG-matey 😉 I have a censere question, can we release the two turkish nat. Cuz of lack of evidence and hypocracy and because they don’t belong to be 20 years sent from their precious lifeline. There’s actually no evidence and also:,,everyone deserves their Freedom!” Kind regards Your’se Truely, Antoine

          1. You can go with a few career retards. A few examples: Trayvon Martin. Mike Tyson for sure. Dennis Rodman, Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton, Fat Albert.
            You could also go with spootard, down simon, water monkey, downtime D’amante’ or Rembrandt (for the autistic niggers).
            Idk, it’s late. Hope this helps.

      1. I do appreciate all the people who work their ass off to give us content, but man, this is not the first video where we cannot see the key moment it it’s unmodified pristine beauty. Just the other day, the suicide jumper video had such a nice landing, but was also ruined by the slo mo.

        If you’re editing the video, you should include at least one instance of the key moment unmodified.

          1. Don’t worry, isis didn’t go anywhere, they just got sent to europe to lie low and await orders. I’m sure they’ll allow you to record your own beheading if you ask nicely.

          2. You’re right, @1purple8, they haven’t been relevant in a while. I think their videos might’ve had the highest production value when it comes to gore. I’d like to see the Mexicans take a lesson from them and come back strong…maybe the Brazilians, too.

      1. Your welcome murD, and thank you. Can’t have enough bg bros and sisters I do cherish you all! By the way I was wondering if you could tell me how I can post an active comment, this seems to be my only way i can post them. There’s a thing on the top of my page that says not all comment options are available, maybe there’s something you know that I’m doing wrong, thanks for the help if you can give any.

    1. @ella – the cunt who thinks watching an innocent toddler panic and drown is “funny” is suddenly showing her softer side, hello and behold, for the Jews?? Well isn’t that interesting?
      I’d say she’s now explained things perfectly……

  1. Brain fart and suicide are tow different things!
    You know stupidity have levels. I know some Arab tribes in the past they couldn’t understand the basic physics even couldn’t realized that if they threw a rock up, it would go down.

      1. Unfortunately, I feel like we fight natural selection in the modern age…this motherfucker might have already had children before this incident. Can you imagine having to clean that up? Such an inconsiderate and thoughtless act.

        1. What an inconsiderate cunt ! Ha ha…
          Actually it wouldn’t be too bad, just make sure you hose the skull bone, brain matter and litres of blood off the rotors before it dries and sets. Could throw the aerodynamics out………

          1. I guess it might not be too bad if you hosed it off quickly…you’d still have to drag his ass out of the way, and you might get something on your shoes. That guy was a fucking dick. I doubt he’ll be missed.

          2. I reckon there’s been many a propellor with brains on it. One thing he knows now that we don’t: Is there anything after this shit life?

    1. wtf? i only just got here and already 78 comments, i’ll never get a first at this rate. you lot need to get a job. Anyway i just want to say i really enjoyed that one, if anyone deserved to die it was that stupid cunt. I love the way his brain disintegrated. Rik morrow went out like that but he dint deserve it.

          1. Nice, I work in a plant that makes precast concrete products. That’s new though, in the past I mostly did industrial construction…other than about a year installing spray foam insulation.

          1. Yeah, @vileness, I work in the dry casting shop, so the forms are steel and about ten feet tall. You pick them up with a crane and drop them into a pit where they fit around giant vibrator(s) that form the void that’s the inside of the pipe. The concrete is poured from a mechanical swinging conveyor belt that’s attached to a hopper that that sits beneath the mixer of the actual batch plant…which is just a bunch of tanks and silos connected to a series of conveyors that carry the components of the concrete (water, sand, fly ash, aggregate, and cement) to the mixer.

          2. No, @vileness, there aren’t any bitches around at my current job. I don’t care for working around women. If I was in a different field it might be okay, but they’re at an obvious physical disadvantage when it comes to manual labor. They tend to get in the way and also sometimes make themselves a distraction to the simple minded.

  2. That is 100% pure hardcore gore porn. I almost escalated, hands free by just watching that a couple of times……I would have creamed my pants had it been HD, closer and included an aftermath shot…..

    1. You have to have decent videos, but the comment section has to be at least as good. The other site’s comment sections are awful. I’ve gotten viruses on my phone several times from visiting other sites as well.

        1. Exactly. It’s always nigger this, and Trump that. We have some of that here, but at least here, there’s more than that. That shit gets old as Fuck. We get it. Your life sucks, and you blame other races for your situation. Trump is the savior that will change your predicament. HahahahahahahahaHA!
          By the way, Fuck Hillary.

          1. Yeah! Stop the hate an’ sheeeeit. Just stop and ask yourself, “What would MC Hammer Do?”
            And stop putting your phone in your pocket. You’ll stop getting the viruses.

          2. You’re right. I really should brush up on my hop hop.
            “What would Too Short do?” definitely sounds better.
            Thanks for looking out for me cuh.

  3. @HonkeyKong
    You are right my good B G Brother, as i would love nothing more that for all of us to get along, and joke around as I Love A Good Laugh, as i’m sure most of us all do.
    Take care brother, and nice talking to you as we have not done so in so long now! 🙂

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