Deadly Air Show Crash in Dominican Republic, Two Pilots Killed

Deadly Air Show Crash in Dominican Republic, Two Pilots Killed

Two army pilots were killed after their plane spiraled into the sea in front of thousands of spectators at an Air Show of the Caribbean in Santo Domingo, capital city of the Dominican Republic. The bodies of 25 year old Carlos Manuel Guerrero and 27 year old Rafael Sanchez were recovered by air force and navy divers.

The pilots lost charge of their small plane during stunt manoeuvres and the vessel span out of control. It crashed into the sea just 500 metres from the crowd. The reminder of the air show was cancelled after the accident.

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    1. It was a Pillan T-35B, a military training aircraft. They had 6 in service until this crash. They use AT-29B Super Tucanos for their fighters, a turboprop aircraft that the United States uses for LAS (light air support)

  1. Anyone else spot the little silver object that appears to the left of the plane @ 52 seconds, then disappears? Theres a video of a SU-27 (Russian fighter jet) that crashes @ an airshow and kills 100+ people, just before it crashes the exact same diver thing appears next to the plane. At that height any hesitation will kill ya, this plane almost pulled up in time, same as the Russian jet. It could have thrown them off just enough to be the difference in crashing or not…

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