Death of BASE Jumper Dwain Weston – Slammed Full Speed Into a Bridge

Death of BASE Jumper Dwain Weston - Slammed Full Speed Into a Bridge

Here’s another video of a BASE jumper killing himself engaging in the extreme sport. Australian BASE jumper Dwain Weston was considered one of the world’s best at the time. On October 5, 2003 while performing a proximity demonstration, Dwain Weston died slamming full speed into the Royal Gorge Bridge near Canon City in Colorado, USA.

At the time of the impact, Dwain Weston was flying at an estimated 160 km/h speed. Experts believe that Dwain Weston miscalculated his distance from the bridge and misjudged the tricky winds within the narrow gorge. After hitting the railing on what is the highest suspension bridge in the world, the BASE jumper dropped 90 meters onto the rocky bottom of the Royal Gorge.

Dwain Weston was only 30 year old when the incident took place. The slam into the bridge was so strong, it totally disintegrated him. Brutal, but he died doing what he loved. Sheer brutality of the impact along with the fact that Dwain Weston was considered to be the best wingsuiter in the world made his death video the most famous BASE jumping accident in history.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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140 thoughts on “Death of BASE Jumper Dwain Weston – Slammed Full Speed Into a Bridge”

  1. I remember this happening. Extremely dangerous sport that I enjoy, also. The slightest miscalculation can be devastating, as observed here.

    I watched this fellow named Dwain,
    As he flew ’round just like a plane.
    Coming down from the ridge,
    His face smacked the bridge,
    But he did not feel any pain.

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    1. Jeb Corliss who also flies the wingsuit almost face planted a mountain just the other day. He’s in hospital with two broken legs. Crazy stuff. But awesome to watch. Was this guy wearing the helmet cams they have now? That would be some mad footage!

  2. Died doing what he loved. How many times have I heard that stupid expression. I doubt that if he could see his future that morning he would have made that jump. If you want the ultimate thrill you must pay the ultimate price. Tony Montana would say “you stupid fuck, look at you now!.”

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    “SLAM! .. duh duh duh .. duh duh duh Let the boys be boys”

    3 more feet & he woulda made it right ?? I dont care I would pulled my SHOOT if I knew I was even remotely gonna be close or in danger of clipping the bridge .. but he probably wasnt MAD or BUMMED at himself for not CALCULATING BETTER right ??

  4. His friend who performed the stunt with him (the black parachute) in an interview said that before he opened his chute he flew through Dwain’s blood & didn’t really know what had happened until he landed near and noticed one of Dwain’s legs nearby. Don’t know his name but he has been on TV a few times doing jump stunts since then. The last was he was going to try skydiving and landing with no parachute on a ramp of some sort. I never followed up on it. Anyone hear of that? I bet he came to his senses and moved on.

  5. Humans aren’t supposed to make anything near a clank sound…as a BS holder in physics I’d be interested to hear an engineer/architect’s estimate of the force required to make the bridge react the way it did…knowing even the human body is greatly disturbed when even IT is knocked hard enough to move that much…jfc…r.i.p.

    1. Bachelors o’ science in physics, fuck man, good follow through.
      Most I can sumize is the hip/femurs, possable sturnum hitting the steel so hard that the saound was VERY audible.
      With that much kenetic energy, he might as well flew into an airplanes’ props.

  6. Why can’t mark slow mo this shit down…theres a couple other vids I’m sure we’d all like slowed down like the Brazilian bike splat and the Russian semi that t-boned and exploded that suv and the race car smacking that guy in half…and well you get the point

  7. i can imagine flying through the air would a cool peaceful thing but not when you go resident evil style through the fencing and wiring of a bridge. what a sound his body made. i guess he was preparing or letting everyone know to have his ashes tossed over the bridge into the canyon below. quick death but frickin brutal. can’t walk that one off. just a flesh wound. he’ll get better.

          1. That has been on almost every single death flick since it took place.
            That face turned drinking fountan of his is, SHOCKING.

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          2. thank you. i’m kind of new. lol. i’ve been visiting for a while, i’m just now signing up though. πŸ™‚ budd dwyer is my fave classic gore. followed very closely by the hoover dam suicide.

  8. I would never forget the sound of bones and flesh rattling a suspension bridge. Even for thoes who tried to look away will still be plauged by having heard the extremely loud exchange of energy from man to bridge.

  9. Brutal splat… but the bridge is 1053 feet above the bottom of the gorge, not 90 meters. I’ve been there before, and it’s not an actual highway bridge. As cars drive (slowly) across it, the entire structure rumbles & shakes. So for a high-speed human to hit the railing, I can see why it would shake the bridge so much.

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