Death of French BASE Jumper Jean-Marc Boivin at Angel Falls, Venezuela

Death of French BASE Jumper Jean-Marc Boivin at Angel Falls, Venezuela

Jean-Marc Boivin was a well accomplished French adventurer with extra passion for extreme sports. His list of achievements is way too long to list, but he did some serious bad ass shite back in his day. Unfortunately, life of Jean-Marc Boivin was cut short after his BASE jump off Angel Falls in Venezuela went bad.

On February 16, 1990 Jean-Marc Boivin took a successful BASE jump off 1,000 meters (3,300 ft) high Angel Falls (highest waterfall in the world) making it the first BASE jump from the Angel Falls’ highest point. Since the adventure was to be featured in an upcoming French TV program Ushuaïa, le magazine de l’extrême, cameras were rolling.

The following day, on February 17, 1990 the crew was set to film more BASE jumps off the falls. Female BASE jumper named Catherine injured herself landing at the foot of the falls, so Jean-Marc Boivin decided to jump right after her with first aid kit in the tow.

Shortly after his parachute opened, Jean-Marc Boivin was thrown against the cliff. While still conscious, he was unable to properly maneuver his chute and took some more beating before landing in the tree tops. Internal injuries and blood loss sustained during the jump killed him shortly after. Since jump was filmed by several TV cameras operated by pro cameramen, Jean-Marc Boivin’s death video is of good quality despite it being decades old.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Killer…I skydive and BASE jump regularly. Hope I don’t end up like this dude, but if I do, my wife will share it with you all.

    Jean-Marc was an adrenaline junkie,
    Who lived his life kinda funky.
    He dove off with grace,
    But then smashed his face,
    And proceeded to flail like a monkey.

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  2. he aint DEAD … someone got him out of the TREE & their LUCKILY was a JUNKIE walking around & gave him a couple of TOKES of BLACK TAR HEROIN off of some FOIL to ease his PAIN until he hit the HOSPITAL & hes all GOOD NOW (lol)

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    At one point in the vid it was like he had enough faculty to repel off the side of the canyon. He died doing what he loved and was trying to rescue another. Rest in peace.

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