Death at Funeral – Indonesian Man Dies Being Crushed by Mother’s Coffin

Death at Funeral - Indonesian Man Dies Being Crushed by Mother's Coffin

Death at Funeral - Indonesian Man Dies Being Crushed by Mothers Coffin

On Friday June 15, 2018, in South Sulawesi, Indonesia, a man named Samen Kondorura died after a coffin carrying his deceased mother fell on his head. Samen was among multiple relatives hoisting his mother’s coffin to a traditional wooden stilt house called a lakkean in which dead bodies are stored during the funeral ceremony.

The footage of the incident shows the pallbearers climbing a bamboo ladder to put the coffin inside the lakkean, when suddenly the ladder slides, causing the pallbearers to fall and lose control of the coffin. The heavy coffin lands on top of them, fatally crushing Samen’s head.

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Different angle video of the same incident:

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          1. Mamma never did like that Asshole. And so what we see here is Mamma’s Revenge. God bless her
            decaying heart.

          1. It kinda looks like it was a circus to begin with… They had a MC and everything!! But hey what are you supposed to
            expect from countries like that..

      1. Caligula fucked anything that moved in his straight on and peripheral vision… actually loved the ’79 film with Malcolm McDowell.. corny af but some fucked up shit for its time. Love ancient Roman history.

  1. At the start of the video, I was looking at the facility and procedure and how totally fucked up it appeared to be. However, at the end where they showed the conveniently located Death During Funeral Annex, it all made sense.

      1. Either mum was a big woman or that coffin was way too heavy. I bet at one time those coffins were simpler, lighter. Now they’ve become bigger as with all things human, we just can’t help ourselves.

          1. @xsookiex haha big mommas are like that sookie, they’re just clumsy, even in the after life they just can’t help knocking into people.
            What i want to know is will they learn from this or will they drop the son on someone at his funeral, This could become a domino effect. The whole village could go @xsookiex

          1. I actually talked to somebody that knew Linda, just the other day. They grew up in the same town and she hated her guts for some reason… A picture fell off the hallway wall and I made an Exorcist joke. This was all at a Bonney Staffing agency before my interview, mind you. Think Linda may have stole her boyfriend or something ‘cus she kinda went off on a rant about her a little bit… Hey, how the fuck was I supposed to know? I ended up bashing Ms. Blair by the time I left as well, saying she didn’t have any real talent anyways, haha (fuck that, she was amazing in that movie, lol).

          2. Seems to me like hell is a lot more fun than heaven. Not least because heaven is full of muslims and their little virgins. Yawn!! I’d rather a blow job from a milf anyday.
            I know what you mean carnage. Sometimes we just have to go along with people’s bullshit just to get on. Good luck with the agency, i’m sure you’ll get work

      1. @illegalsmile55 You got the reference alright, now I can clearly hear Linda Blair proclaiming that sentence in a deep voice. I like smart people. Sorry it took me so long to reply. Usually I’m out of Provence however, this time I was out of money that kept me out of the “Grid”.

      2. Great movie but they got Dimi wrong. As a Greek he would almost certainly be Orthodox and not Catholic. Apart from that they got son-dead mum relationship spot on I reckon. Son’s guilt over an uncared- for mother.
        Blair was at herjuiciest in that era.

          1. @hopingfornemesis Oh my gosh! Seeing this at such a young age when you should have been watching planet of the apes. I think your dad’s young wife had something to do with the choice of films. They just didn’t have a babysitter so you got dragged along. : ))

  2. We dont do a lot of things right in the USA, but burrying our morbidly obese at ground level makes a lot more sense then schlepping their fat carcass up a shitty 3rd world home made ladder.

    Dee dee maow! Dee dee maow!!

    1. Exactly. Drop the bitch in a hole and let gravity do the work for you rather than killing you.
      Also, why would these assholes build such a structure and forget to build a set of stairs or some rudimentary corpse elevator.

        1. Two hundred years ago we invented precisely that. A coffin lift that carried the coffin up to the ground floor of the church then lowered again after the service. These dimwits deserved to die. Not one person there saw the danger Baah baaah !!!!

  3. They must have put 1000 pounds of bricks in that coffin. They should have pulled her up the ramp by herself. Then lower her to the coffin once ceremony ends. Not worth losing the son over it.

        1. No, i mean why is it not worth losing the son? After all, he was worth less and i also mean Why do you really care? These incidents happen all over the world to useless people who don’t really have the right to live, have no right to have even been born and indeed would not have been born if it weren’t for knowledge and science which they have no intellectual claim to.
          One day the elite will have their wish. They will genocide the majority of the people of this world. They have no need for us and we create fear in them. That is a dangerous thing. The day we are all murdered en masse will be a great day.
          Look at all the sick people out there. See those lambs for the slaughter who have no right to life and rejoice that we will all die.
          Don’t care for these people and don’t seek solutions to their stupidity. You will find it unrewarding and they will not thank you for it.

  4. Accident?
    I think Not. You see you have to look @ it from the Mom’s perspective.
    Nobody can marry her Ladyboy son
    Theres nobody good enough for him/her so she took maternal action.
    This is a True Story.

  5. Wtf kinda bullshit funeral is this?!?! Someone on a loudspeaker, nobody dressed up, and what was the guy at the bottom of the ladder doing?? I was hoping it would fall on him.
    Seriously, not one person stopped to say “guys, there HAS to be a better way to do this”

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