Elevator Transports Woman Minus Foot to Next Level, Misstepping Mishap Caught on CCTV

Elevator Transports Woman Minus Foot to Next Level, Misstepping Mishap Caught on CCTV

Elevator Transports Woman Minus Foot to Next Level, Misstepping Mishap Caught on CCTV

On CCTV in a China business office of sorts one woman walks into an elevator that opens. The woman missteps a foot. As the saying goes: give someone an inch and they’ll take a foot. All is much the same, except the elevator takes one and a half.

The elevator mishap does little to jar loose the ligament but a memory of “I Give Zero Fucks!” cause that is the response. Perhaps, the office water cooler is infused with sedative narcotics.

Zero-Decibels ®

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            Most humans will adapt and some will die. In the fucking Sahara desert a pod of baby whale skeletons was found. What does that say to you ninnies worried that we’re all gonna die? Same thing happened in the desert southwest of the U.S. Back in the early 1990’s New England had the hottest summer in over 112 years the news reported. So what caused that? There were greenhouse gases back in the dinosaur era. Now pussies are crying about cattle ranching and cow farts causing increases in gases in the atmosphere.

            George Carlin said it perfectly when he said the planet is fine and will always keep doing what it does despite us and that someday it might just shake us off like a bad case of fleas like the pests we are.

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    1. Hey Lady??? Look On The Bright Side,,, Even Though (You Weren’t Very Bright) To Stick Your Foot Up An Elevators Only Opening. So It’s Like You Were Sticking-It Right-Up It’s Ass Dummy!

      Butt Now Anyways, At Least Now,,, Shopping For Shoes In The Future Will Be A Breeze (For Ya Stump), & A Pleasant Experience With Yourself Now Being Able To Take An Additional 50% Off Of An Already Sale Priced Footwear Item.

      Or,,, She Can Join The Growing List Of One Footed Women In The World, And Split On The Price/Cost Of Shoes/Sandals. And Furthermore, if your smart this time you can stick-it to the Shoe Salesman, Instead Of The Elevator, (Thinking He’ll Sell 2 Pairs) of Shoes When Ya’s First Walk-in. And A Little Advice,,, Take The Escalator Instead Of The Elevator this time Dummy!

        1. @RichardHead
          She Can Split With Another Woman Who Is Missing Her Right Foot Brother! I Wrote In My Comment, that this could be one of Her Choices Dude. Oh Yea,,, But I Should Not Ever Expect A Monkey To Be Able To Read My Comments To Begin With, lol, 😉 My Bad Brother! 🙂

  1. She’ll need to look at this from a Positive point of view. At least when shopping the bitch will only have to buy 1 shoe. …. Maybe she can get 1/2 off? (he-he-he-he) …. 1 last “FOOT-note” … Helluva TRIP! ….

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  3. As is the usual practice ; the chasm between the vertical shaft and the elevator itself; should be so designed ;keeping in mind trouble free entries and exits with a gap just wide enough for the elevator to ascend and descend but not drag itself against
    the wall , thus keeping the passengers safety , ” paramount “. at all times .

    Expect Chinese to do the unusual as always . In the video the lady tries to step in with entire space to herself but missteps and gets wedged in the door way to relive scene from an action or a horror flick close to the one in the ,DEEP RED ” ” DARK WATER” . She is taken up and down the shaft with her leg still caught up brushing hard against the rough wall peeling anything and everything on her skin including bones and tendons ………….what a NIGHTMARE that was to live with ! hey , but all thanks to the weirdest designing skills of slant eyed morons ;where norms stand flayed easily as anything .
    With any obstruction in the door way it ought to have stopped and not moved beside the gap left in between was way too wide .
    and that’s their biggest drawback as they still are far back in the race to the new horizons of technical realms where the others have already made it .

  4. The lady with the pink sweater push her in for sleeping with her husband. She pushed her and knowing the building didn’t meet elevator safety standards she pushed the button fast enough for the doors to close on her leg which resulted in her leg being pancaked.

  5. It wasn’t even so must as HER misstep, the elevator moved upwards as she stepped on so there was nothing else for her to do. At least she survived to sue the shit out of the elevator company. Well, do they do that in Chinky countries or is that just here in the good ole USA full of shyster scum lawyers and filthy human vermin layabouts looking for a cheap score?

    1. LMAO! By the way my friend, there’s no such phrase as “might of been” – It’s “might have been” or “might’ve been”. The Yanks are doing enough to destroy the English language without you having to (accidently) help them! No disrespect Intended mate, Just helping you out.

  6. The elevators don’t give pussy passes. They don’t discriminate, and will gobble up any clumsy person without second thought. Be it women or child. They like perfect Spartan terminators, throwing off the cliff weak and unworthy. I kinda respect elevators.

  7. what is with all these chinese death machines? First the escalator ate up a child, now this. I always wondered what would happen if your foot or arm got stuck in the elevator door when it was going between floors. Well, now I have my answer. It gets sliced off immediately.

  8. We all moan & complain about “Health & Safety”.. “Nanny State”, etc…
    But seeing things like this makes me realise… if we didn’t have those things.. We’d be living in China.!!
    And no cunt wants that, do they.!

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