Excavator Operator Knocks Over Tree and Crushes Random Man to Death

Excavator Operator Knocks Over Tree and Crushes Random Man to Death

An excavator operator was on the job knocking over trees alongside a road. The trees may have been old, or maybe the construction company needed to clear the sides of the road off them in order to expand?

Either way, the operator was knocking those things over with rather general disregard for live traffic utilizing the road. At one point, he knocked over a larger tree which partially collapsed on the road where it apparently crushed a random man to death.

I don’t know where the video is from. Could be India?

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video?

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    1. Yes, just like the tooth fairy, the Mortician comes and collects the bodies and puts some Flipflopistani currency under the beds of the deceased for the widows to collect.

    1. In a way I was sort of like that to I don’t know your back story on coming across this website is, but ironically, contradictally, and hypocritically I swore I wouldn’t make an account which obviously didn’t work I gotten used to this site.

  1. Yeah let’s move him over here closer to the middle of the road because his neck might be broken. Also lets not put pressure on the gash in head because that might help with blood loss. There ya go, we have done our bit lets wait and video this guy while we argue until the ambulance tractor gets here in 2 hrs.

  2. My biggest question is: why would someone just happen to be standing on the side of a busy highway, video recording routine construction work, apparently for no reason?

    Second biggest question is: with all of this loud and conspicuous work going on, plainly in the open, how can you be so oblivious as to drive, or walk, right into it? Do you not see or hear the enormous, loud piece of machinery clearing trees?

    I swear it’s like… a 3rd world thing. ‘Just be as reckless and careless as possible, because it’s what we do here.’

    Hard to make sense of this one.

  3. You’ve got to feel like a super-douche when traffic stops, and people are running over to try to help this unconscious dude who’s bleeding from the head, and you’re just sitting over there in your little excavator….

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