Factory Worker Gets His Hand Crushed by Hydraulic Press

Factory Worker Gets His Hand Crushed by Hydraulic Press

Watch the guy in the top left of the video. He’s working a hydraulic press in a factory, puts a part on the die, pulls on the lever, the punch comes down and does its job. After the press the worker proceeds to take the pressed part out but the punch comes down again, crushing his hand. It doesn’t look like a big deal from the CCTV footage, but in that split second, the worker’s hand got pancaked.

I don’t know what exactly went wrong. It doesn’t look like the worker pulled on the lever again. Maybe the machine is supposed to come down twice and due to temporary lapse in attention the worker thought that the first press was already the second one? No idea but one thing’s for sure – he’s never gonna work as a press operator again. A hand crushed by a press is a hand gone for good. Those are mean little machines.

Video I believe is from Indonesia:

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      1. Cheap labour, cheap machines, probably making cheap stuff for Walmart…

        What is funny is that they approach that machine very carefully now. The guy cleaning it was like “I won’t put my hand in there, I will use this screwdriver to remove the bit of fingers stuck in there…”

        @J… Did you know the rooster is France’s national animal… and it is the only animal that still sings while having his feet deep in shit.

          1. yes, i believe it was from Stephen King- about a machine that had massive rollers on it. He also wrote Trucks, which was made into a movie Maximum Overdrive. But, those machines had aliens in them 馃檪

  1. LMFAO!!!! Machines like flywheel presses are supposed to have two buttons that are pushed with both hands to trip the machine. The buttons must be at a safe distance to prevent this from ever happening. OUCH. 馃榾

    1. % 100 correct JohnnyDill but most of the times these bastards cancels such precautions in order to work faster or more comfortable, they mostly change the direction of sensors or blind them in some way, result ; Mr Hook.

  2. Looks a lot more like a classroom full of students than a factory of workers. They don’t even resemble grown men and aren’t adhering to any type to dress code. Plus factory workers are trained on how to react to an injury, and everyone around him just panicked like children. Probably just some kid who didn’t pay attention to the teacher’s directions.

  3. Yeah, it looks to me that the lever is a bit sensitive to the touch, but the guy was just toned into his work. And accidentally put his hand underneath while trying to rest his hand on the lever and before he even could know SMOOSH

  4. Would be more difficult for that to happen in the States. OSHA requires that an operator has to use both hands to operate a press to ensure something like this doesn’t happen. For example, you would put the metal to be shaped on the press, and then push to buttons, one near your left hand and one near your right hand, to get the press to operate.

  5. Since I knew what was gonna happen I wanted to warn the guy. I find it harder to watch an accident about to happen than after it’s already happened. Too bad life doesn’t have a rewind button.

  6. Makes me relate with tonight’s activities. Attended to a guy who dam near blew his hand off with a .410 shotgun yesterday. Did the bandage change. Fucked his hand up good, but it will likely be saved if infection does not set in. Full functionality of his fingers remain uncertain, as the bones in your palm are integral to how the fingers work (just wiggle your fingers to see what goes on in your hand to confirm).

    Moral of this, is to never, ever, hold your hand (or any any other body part) over the business end of a gun that is or may be loaded.

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