Failed Jump Over Car Paralyzes Stuntman Samuel Koch Live on German TV

Failed Jump Over Car Paralyzes Stuntman Samuel Koch Live on German TV

German stunt jumper Samuel Koch was seriously injured after a leap over a moving car on “Kangaroo” spring stilts went wrong. It all happened live on TV and was broadcast to millions of viewers. The worst part of it is that after three previous jumps, it was a car driven by his father over which the stuntman failed.

“Wetten, Dass?” (Want to Bet?), a German game show hosted by Thomas Gottschalk is one of the most watched shows in Europe. It features stunts by members of the public who “accepted a dare”. Samuel Koch got on the December 4 , 2010 show in Düsseldorf after claiming that he could jump on his spring stilts over 5 cars of different sizes. The rest of the show was cancelled after the failed stunt – first time cancellation in the show’s 29 years of running. It also cancelled Justin Bieber who was scheduled to perform on the show after the stunt.

Neck injuries 23 year old Samuel Koch suffered put him in a coma for 10 days and left him paralyzed for life. Video of the fateful failed stunt is below:

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  1. Hey just look at the bright side he gets good parking spots and special seating in the movies and or concerts !! 😀 but the shitty part about it it’s going to feel awkward having someone else lets say your wife wipe your ass you know how sad and depressing its going to get when he and his wife try to make love if I were him and I became paralyzed from the neck down I’d pay someone to kill me If my penis doesn’t work or when I masterbate and can’t feel anything I will probably kill myself even though my penis isn’t big or small but average sized I still care about it (:

      1. No, just whispering under their breath. Like you say, betting on the outcome.

        “Yeah, see, he failed. Now that 20″.

        Though I reckon people would laugh before realising, ‘shit, he’s actually done himself in!”.

  2. We always watch to see the stuntman do his deed but we also expect the possibility of an accident… here it is…

    Poor, Samuel Koch. He could have been great and live life doing something worthwhile and worth fighting for like the Red Baron, Michael Wittmann, Erich Hartmann, or Kurt Knispel. I guess in Modern Germany breaking your neck and becoming paralyzed dong a meaningless stunt is the equivelent.

  3. You see that wheelchair girl in the front? I bet that the only reason she wanted to go to that show was to see Beibermeister. Probably was her last wish… to be ruined by an Audi and some horrible tragic irony that another person was wheelchair bound that night.. damn.

  4. Okay so maybe I’m just a fucking idiot but what the hell happened here? All I saw was dude jump up – car – dude fall. Did he hit his head or something? But the car wasn’t going fast enough to do much damage with that helmet on. Or maybe it was depending on the angle or whatever. I dunno, I didn’t see much.

  5. Oh yes. a fucking TV freak have a accident ! What now ? I live in germany and these fucking guy together makes money with this. Samuel, Samuel blablabla. It sucks, he want it and he GET it. So or so, when you do such things please don`t cry after it goes wrong.
    And he doesn`t make movies or something else, he give interviews for money.

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