Fall from Ladder Leaves Man with Biceps and Tendons Torn

Fall from Ladder Leaves Man with Biceps and Tendons Torn

Fall from Ladder Leaves Man with Biceps and Tendons Torn

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought exclusively to you by Best Gore member @sonicastro, whose neighbor torn his biceps and tendons when he fell from a ladder:

Exclusive Content.

My neighbor took a small fall from a ladder. Not sure what he hit on his way down, blew out his bicep and a tendon or two. Also hit his artery. Came over into our yard calling for help bleeding everywhere.

Anyway, he was alive and still awake when the ambulance took him (though was pretty pale and clammy), so hopefully he has a clean surgery and speedy recovery.

Thanks a lot for taking the pic for us, @sonicastro. The injury definitely looks quite bad and the blood loss from the severed artery must have been quite serious. Hopefully he pulls through and recovers.

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98 thoughts on “Fall from Ladder Leaves Man with Biceps and Tendons Torn”

    1. Fuck Lisa you’re right. I Never would have noticed if you hadn’t said fuck-all. Tomorrow buddy,,, or That Rare/Blue Meaty-Dude might be returning the favor, and holding his arm, bwa, ha,, lol. 😉

      Or maybe the ladder story is a Betty-Crocker Story, and he was a first-time cutter who simply went way too deep. 😉

      1. With all the cuts on his arm, he probably has experience with controlling the bleeding. It’s just me but, I see cutting as a wimpy way to deal with psychological pain. I’m more for channeling it into something constructive like cutting wood with my axe. Cutting down a tree or splitting logs is pretty therapeutic. Plus I get wood to work with on my lathe.

        1. People that cut tend to be seeking an emotional release from the psychological disruption that they are experiencing.

          The things that are messing them up can be from families, ‘friends’, work, school, college, partners, online etc.

          I have one ‘cutter’ friend; she is the most awesome, beautiful and talented individual that I know.

          I will, quite happily, knock the teeth down the throat of anyone that disrespects her.

          I’ll then move on the ankles, wrists, elbows and knees.

          No-one should consider themselves superior to anyone else.

          1. We all have problems, but most don’t do silly, childish stuff like this just to get attention. Grow up and learn how to deal with your issues. See a shrink, or join a support group. Cutting yourself just screams of nutjob!

          1. @thedre
            I had the opportunity to see them perform a couple years back. But being the foolish young lad that I am, I instead spent that time with a female I didn’t even get to plow.

        1. SlothMan
          2 Of the most-Important things in life bro! And the 3rd. would be pulling your rope but since you did not mention-it, i figure that as Myself,,, You have a good wife to give you the odd hand-job.

        2. Sloth man, love the boob grab, I can imagine that three fingered claw moving ever so slowly towards the boob grab she probably didn’t even notice it…..classic profile pic!! And to answer your question my girlfriend is Asian, hence the device it’s the only way I can get the sideways action on! It was a painful joke i played on my girlfriend, it started when she made this huge fuss about having to go in for her first mammogram, I tried telling her it was no big deal and she went off on me about how us men don’t have to get their dicks flattened even though there is penile cancer. Just my sense of humor as twisted as it is I decided to flatten it and send her a pic text before her appointment and told her I just had my yearly man-o-gram, she thought it was the funniest thing she’s ever seen! Sorry if it grosses people out or offends them, figured others might find the hilarity of it.

          1. No need to apologize. This is the last site to do that on. Thanks for your courtesy though. That’s a great backstory. Hilarious! Your twisted sense of humor will fit in great with this community. Keep on keepin’ on!

          2. Hoping for nemesis, hope you have a great valentine’s day as well, give your lady a down right good rogering!! I know I’m going to take my girl to town, gonna sing her a song and show her my ding dong!! Oh by the way you know how to respond to the activitie pages? I can only respond in these topic conversations, thanks man and cheers!

  1. Like why is he holding-it??? Are there No belts, or an old spare T-Shirt/Towel in that part of the world? Or could anybody have a scissor cut, or a simple T-Shirt to make a makeshift tourniquet until the ambulance arrives? Ambulances can easily take-up to an average of between 8 to 12 minutes to arrive at any inner city accident scene. That is enough time to have an Arterial bleed-out man. 🙁

      1. Fuck yea brother. A long and slow partial recovery for sure. And i say partial cause i don’t think that he will ever heal completely & be the same again. 🙁 And as you stated above,,, and artery pinch works extremely well, and is much quicker that a tourniquet. And the fact that you should let the blood flow through every 5 to 10 minutes releasing the pinch is much quicker also than having to loosen, and re-tighten the tourniquet.

        Blood never bothered me, but others would never pinch an artery cause they would end up puking all over the injury instead, lol. 😉

    1. Your old man getting his bicep torn was your worst fear? I completely understand. My dads a farmer and my worst fear was “what if he breaks his big toe ?”. Lots of lost sleep over that……..

  2. WOW! I don’t know if I am more impressed with that horrific injury or with the other guy who clearly knows what he is doing and has a fantastic double grip above the wound to stop the bleeding. Considering most vids we see have onlookers running around squawking and gawking I’m inclined to side with the first aid guy. Right on buddy!!!

    1. You don’t have to explain it to us. I can’t speak for everyone, but I personally use self-depreciation and assholish humor to mask the overwhelming negativity in life. We’ve all got our demons.

      Do you have an update on this guy and how his arm is doing?

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