Fallen Beam Crushes Two Workers to Death

Fallen Beam Crushes Two Workers to Death

It’s no secret that if you went through the Workplace Accident section on Best Gore, almost exclusively you’d find men who were killed or maimed performing dangerous jobs. I think there are an odd couple of female sweatshop workers from third world countries that got hurt on the job too, but in pussy whipped, feminism plagued societies, it’s exclusively men who die or get crippled performing dangerous jobs.

This video is no different. While I didn’t get any background info about it, it appears to show two male workers who were crushed to death by a fallen large beam. One is on the ground with head smashed, the other inside the crane’s cabin, crushed. The language spoken in the video is English.

That bloody patriarchy, I tell you. Men need to check their privilege. I mean, men have died fighting in wars, farming lands, conquering lands, exploring new lands, crossing oceans, taming horses, venturing in space, they’ve invented appliances, invented fire, invented the wheel, invented computers, invented printing press, invented vehicles, discovered electricity…

Today I learned that in the US of A, congress re-affirmed that women are above men and dropped plans to make women register for the draft. What that means is that in America, women still have the right to vote, while men only have the privilege, as long as they are registered for the draft. Also, men who don’t register before age 26, can’t hold most federal jobs or get federal government student loans. A majority of states even make registration a requirement to get a driver’s license. And failure to register is a felony punishable by up to five years in prison or a $250,000 fine.


This happened in Queens, New York. The workers were building a residential housing complex on 134st Street. The crane was hoisting the beam when it fell from the fourth floor, and crushed to death crane operator – 47 year old George Smith of Brooklyn, and the flag man – 43 year old Alessandro Ramos of Queens.

The crane passed inspection in June. The workers had proper permits to extend the sixth floor of the building.

Props to Gustavo for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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51 thoughts on “Fallen Beam Crushes Two Workers to Death”

    1. It’s important to mention , these wee two non union rats doing weekend illegal work. In the description it is mentioned that they had obtained the proper permits to extend edifice to the six floor. But they obtained those permits falsely stateting they were using competent experienced union iron workers and crane operators. Both labor victims were inexperienced labrats making substandard wages during weekend work.
      This is what happens when you want to save money on cheap labor, to fill investors pockets with money. Pretty much what Trump likes to do in all his projects around the world. NYC ironworkers from 361 do this job everyday and make a great living doing it, the only difference between them and these poor rats is they like coming home to their families every nite.

    1. Yes it is very unusual to see Gore videos from America… mostly because Americans are afraid of being sued… You see, in America you can be sued for anything especially if you show the face of someone who has died… Americans are litigation happy and think they can get paid for everything

      1. Believe It or Not In America you can even sue someone in court for your pain and suffering and embarrassment… if there’s a way to make money from suing someone there’s an American trying to think of it right now

      2. I don’t know why people think this happens just in America. In China this is apparently why a kid can get run over and die in the road without anyone helping–scared they’ll be the ones to be sued. And there…the “loser” must also reimburse all of the other party’s legal expenses etc…

        Beyond that I think people in America are just too pussy to be cool headed enough to take real footage (except for rare treats like this cameraman) while the rest are “Oh My Fucking God”-ing in the background.

  1. Props to the camera guy. He stayed calm and tried to get the best close ups he could. Gave a god visual of the beam on both ends. But Queens is considered the armpit of New York. .I’m surprised he didn’t stop and scream “WorldStar!!!!”

  2. when i was in my late teens i was 16 stone of muscle through an obsession with lifting at the gym i was in great shape and the testosterone flowed and i was offered a job/tax slave/useless eater in construction. i thought it would be easy for myself being in such a vigorous condition… well i can tell you it was one of the worst decisions of my life. my health soon began to decline, lower back issues, blocks of concrete scraping down shin bones, grinder dropped on front of hand,mixer handle flying off and smashing fingers, neck and nerve issues, knees started to click, insomnia, other fitness activities soon stopped, diet went to shit. and thats the tip of the iceberg, there were countless injurys and annoyances sustained while in this employment. but they creep up on you week by week. after a few years id had enough. even a physicist said this type of employment soon creates wear and tear that can be irreversible. when i got out of this trade/nightmare i realised the health implications and vowed never to go back to this danger zone called construction. women would not last a week on a construction site.

      1. stupid cunt still trying to fantasise that we are somehow equal. you will realise one day we are far from that. your suffering is going to be off the scale. and you will have not a single man to defend you from the hell that is coming.

    1. And you don’t hear the feminists fighting for equality in number for these shitty jobs, construction, or even draft as was pointed out above. Yet, they complain about Universities, job opportunities and ”gender paying gap”, even though in the US, the UK and even here in Brazil 55% of College students are female. I hold the opinion that men in a sense were always regarded as more expandable, that’s why they were/are sent to war and do shitty jobs, and it makes sense. Take a tribe of ten people, five male, five female. If four females dies (and all males live), it would take a year and a half to have a child (gestation plus breastfeeding). If four males die (and all females live), in a year and a half there can be five new children. Nowadays, while men are still regarded as more expandable, we have lost most of our unique rights, but still have to fulfil most of our unique duties, a hostile environment for them (us)
      just to put a link to my numbers: https://www.theguardian.com/education/datablog/2013/jan/29/how-many-men-and-women-are-studying-at-my-university

  3. Women apply for these jobs but they aren’t hired because they’re female. Some of it has to do with the physical requirements of the job. There are men who don’t want to work with women because they’re a distraction. Some guys just don’t want to work with women because they’re assholes.

  4. Sad,,, Very sad, that things like this still happen when all the safety regulations & inspections that Construction Companies, and their workers, have to go through in order to avoid serious injuries, or in this case deaths still happen cause somebody did not do their job right inspecting the cable properly before letting this guy work with it. These poor guys are not going home to their families tonight, cause somebody screwed-up somewhere. R.I.P. Guys! 🙁

  5. It’s a nice guidance & instuctional film about work safety and hazards.

    It is a good example where to NOT fucking stand/cross/walk/do things, expicially under a suspended heavy object by some steel wire . Even if you do things right sometime splinter kills.

  6. My Darling Vincent, If the young man decided not to register, I don’t see where a woman could possibly be involved. Some men can be coward’s. Get off your opinion about women sometimes. Just saying…. Us women are thinking it, I decided to say it. With respect of course. Besides, I didn’t see one woman in the video.

    1. you should quit your attitude because you only mouth off because you think the law is on your side. did ted bundy give a fig about ‘laws’ ? nope because they are a man made fiction. you will mouth off to a guy one day and he might just tear you apart like the little snivelling cunt you really are. someday you bitches will realise the law means nothing and your mouths will get shut good and proper.

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