Fatal Crash at Dayton, Ohio Airshow, Wingwalker Jane Wicker and Pilot Die

Fatal Crash at Dayton, Ohio Airshow, Wingwalker Jane Wicker and Pilot Die

A wingwalker Jane Wicker and her pilot are dead after a fatal crash at the Dayton, Ohio airshow on Saturday. Jane Wicker was performing her stunt while sitting on the inverted 450 HP Stearman aircraft when it crashed and burst into flames before the eyes of spectators.

I suppose this is another one of those moments when I say that despite this being a horrible tragedy, one possible positive could be that at least Jane Wicker died doing what she loved. Sure, her life was unexpectedly cut short and perhaps if it wasn’t, she would have entertained many more people or achieve other great things, but she could have also developed cervical cancer and slowly withered while spending the rest of her life in agony. Life is simply unpredictable and in the thousands of years, not one man or woman has found a way to cheat death. Death will be there for each and every one of us so coming to her while doing what one dedicated their life to may be one of the better ways to go.

Also check out similar video of Wingwalker Amanda Franklin dying in a plane crash:

Another video:

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66 thoughts on “Fatal Crash at Dayton, Ohio Airshow, Wingwalker Jane Wicker and Pilot Die”

    1. It would definitely be intense. I’ve kinda wondered the same thing with the 9/11 jumpers. It would feel like an eternity coming down, probably an incredibly surreal experience. On this though, I would just hope I lost consciousness on impact, that fire would not feel good.

    2. Imagine what the pilot was probably thinking before the crash… *upside down* “Woohoo! This is great! woop, im feelin’ a little si… *Crash* atleast jane was enjoying her very last moments like you said. That cant be said about many victims posted on best gore.

    3. if you wanna die this way then just go skydiving and don’t pull the cord. This is a selfish way to die – think of all the kids traumatized by this, not to mention her family probably witnessed her death and will have to kill themselves to get it out of their minds.

    1. Pensacola? I lived in Fort Walton for years, but worked many times in Pensacola and got to see them practice quite a few times. Practice was always better than the actual shows as they seemed to get closer to the ground and in many cases, the homes along the water ways.

      1. Yeah, that’s where I live. Not far from NAS. I used to live closer down by the water. That was when I still lived at home. The planes were so loud you couldn’t hear yourself think when they flew over head.

        I live a little farther away now, but I can still see them pretty good when they’re practicing. That’s why I never go to air shows around here. I see the Blue Angels all the time!

  1. Well she was no Manfred von Richthofen…
    Those planes were the shit in WW1, dropping bombs and dung manually on the enemy, the pilots went constantly unconscious because of the missing oxygen masks, the carburetor could easily freeze and the interrupter gear of the propeller to shoot trough with the machine gun was awful.

  2. Nope. I’ll pass on going out like that. If I could actually choose, I’d rather die in bed, with FD giving me a fatal “overdose” of pleasure. No one has to gather up my body parts and I can have an open casket. 😉

    1. Well! Say goodbye to her, everybody. Be right over, darlin’. Okay, seriously… I want you to stick around for a while, so I won’t STICK IT to you just yet. 😀

      My Purple Rose… Sigh… The way you make me feel. 🙂

  3. Better to die like that than have some cartel cunt saw your head off. Or getting necklaced by a pack of socially inept savages. Be funny if show was in the middle east, the announcer: “and here comes the useless woman, not allowed sit in the front seat of the car but she can wing-walk, now watch folks as they go inverted and she.. Oh oh, allahu ackbar, allahu ackbar!”. As much as I hate hearing that fucking chant, it would be funny to watch a montage of random deaths from accidents and have a load of last-second ackbar chants for each accident. Like a granny gettin hit by a truck. If you are into that kind of thing. And if you are reading this, you just might be..

  4. I’ll probably end up dying while I’m doing something I really hate, like doing the laundry or clipping my toe nails. With my luck, it’ll probably happen just as I’m finishing up instead of starting.

  5. One minute you’re on top of the World, the next, you’re getting put into a single Ziploc bag. Allah Akbar and all that shit. Could always use her as chum in the Gulf of Mexico, what a way to go!

  6. The other thing that is pathetic with this crash is all the douche bag spectators that are interviewed after the crash trying hard to get their 10 minutes of fame. Many of those drama queens said it appeared that they were too low to the ground and they knew the plane would crash, or it wouldn’t work out right. Fuck sakes! Only in America do a bunch of fat fucks know a tragedy will happen ahead of time, or be thrilled down to their cankles when it doesn’t happen. CNN rocks!

  7. The pilot knew he was in trouble early on, as he never got inverted. So either a wing stalled during recovery and the aircraft spun, or he saw he was heading for the crowd and deliberately flew into the ground

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