Fatal Fall from Statue of the Republic During Techno Parade in Paris, France

Fatal Fall from Statue of the Republic During Techno Parade in Paris, France

During the Techno Parade held in Paris, France on September 19, 2015, a man tried to climb the “Statue of the Republic” in “La Place de la RΓ©publique”, and fell. The fall was fatal.

This was the first time in the 17 year history of the Techno Parade that someone died. The parade was attended by more than 350,000 people.

According to Best Gore member Blunderbore, many idiots climb the monument during protests and demonstrations, often waving foreign flags from Muslim countries. But somehow it never happens to them that they fall. Just to this poor silly drugged guy.

Here are a few pics related to the tragedy:

Props to Best Gore members @Blunderbore and @JohnTrololo for sending the video in:

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      1. So many variations on it now I looked it up about 5 minutes after I posted that and it’s some funny shit I like the 300 Leonidas one and the “Captioned original Techno Viking”….Then there is the where is he now Techno Viking…he looks juiced….scary.

          1. @YNEG, what did you read on him? I went to wikipedia and the story is no one is even sure who he is. I mean some say he is MMA fighter Keith Jardine but the guy who filmed the original footage says he doesn’t know who he is.

          2. His name is Gunther Ackerman. He’s a biologist that lives right outside of Berlin. He was on meth in the video and had been up for 4 days straight. Look up his name and you can see what he looks like today.

          3. I thought he was gay, he married the guy he pushed in the original video! He also sued the guy who originally filmed him, Mattias Fritsch, because he “didn’t want to be famous”. Fritsch was made bankrupt. (he never had much to lose) The old fashioned judge didn’t realise that it takes many people to make a video go ‘viral’, the up-loader never really knows.

    1. @rayf, I had never heard of him, but I just watched the video, strangely mesmerising. No one really knows who he is still, either. What he was on (ecstacy?) was certainly kicking in at 30 second intervals! No wonder he never came forward. Also Germany has a ‘Fuckparade’? Is that like a gay pride thing? I think the Techno Viking looked gay.

        1. @rayf, I know right, I like to think I don’t miss viral stuff but I probably don’t see a quarter of the stuff out there, less, plus this video was up-loaded in 2001 but didn’t go viral til 2007, maybe I was busier then…

      1. Feel bad as a human over someone’s stupidity?!?Ummmm, lets see how simply I can put this, Ah! I know… Hell no. I’ve spent to many years patching people up for stupidity, granted I felt for the people who’s unfortunate injury’s had nothing to do with self inflicted retard syndrome, but the ones doing shit like the dumb fuck in above video no sorrow or pity, he made his choice to take the drugs and climb the statue and paid the price for the consequences of his actions what about that should make me boo hoo?

          1. Lol no judging everyone has their “likes” I can’t get past the thought of them damn ball gags they look way beyond uncomfortable my jaw hurts just thinking about it…

          2. LOL!! @tas I know right? Can you just image the sound of someone in one of those trying to breathe through stuffed up nose sounding like a deranged pig to the rhythm?!?!

        1. @gezza

          I believe it’s an insecurity issue gezza. It’s an ill attempt to convince the thinking masses that somehow, we Americans have reached a “plateau of perfection,” that nobody else has encountered.

          I link it to the half-witted people who baptize themselves over in Israel and from there, state that Jesus is their personal Savior.(awesome) All the while, supporting Benjamin Netanyahu’s assault on humanity.

          You see my friend, you can be a hypocritical killer, be a follower of Christ an be awesome at the same time IF AND ONLY IF…

          One states that they are not perfect, just forgiven. From there, one becomes awesome.

          If that doesn’t make any sense then God bless you, and stay in the U.K. You’re much better off there!!

          1. Soup. Yeah you make sense my friend I’m going back in two days time, hopefully I’ll encounter all these dirty Muslim goat fuckers trying to claim free welfare and cash and homes, there was a report today back home that in my town we are taking on 200 and each one costing 50 grand a year right up until there 25 years old, yet we still have a major house crisis where English families cannot get bigger houses or UK homeless people still not being looked after, it makes me sick that we buckle to the propaganda media jew press that we must look after them, fuck them and send them back, Europe is and will be an islam state one day. Sorry mate rant you !

        2. @gezza, the word ‘awesome’ is used a lot in Australia too. Some words become popular each decade or generation etc. I bet alot of words change from the 60’s, 70’s etc. it’s the same now, people probably won’t be saying “awesome in every sentence” in 10 years time.

          1. Ugg we had a plague of years here in the states where people said *tight, sweet, and da bomb* it drove me mad now you hear * its cu or coo* instead of cool when you need to drive into or near a city makes me want to punch someone :S

          2. @tas. Yeah I know what you mean. My best word is ‘bell end’ or ‘knob jockey’ never been to aussie land but I know you lot have got some great one liners lol

          3. @AmOur, “coo” instead of cool, ugh, that would shit me too. Very similar to ‘bae’ instead of ‘babe’, I also hate ‘shorty’ for women, and other rap crap words.

            @gezza, Aussies used to call the not so lovely women ‘bushpigs’, lol, but that is hardly ever heard anymore. But yes we have a very strange take on English down here, I wouldn’t want it any other way πŸ™‚

          4. Lol @ to be honest my left usually stays with jabbing with the occasional straight or body shot, most of the heavy work tends to be with my right πŸ˜‰

  1. I’m very happy to see that tragedy was averted. The Hat did not fall to the ground. It remained motionless on the base of the Statue. I hope that someone is able to retrieve it later. Poor Hat, it’s probably feeling very frightened.
    As for the guy wearing the Hat, he was not too shabby. He had his moments where he did a few nice flips. Unfortunately for him, he was not able to remain on the base of the Statue, with his Hat, but he did remained motionless on the pavement!

    He’s not going to be able to walk this one off!

    1. imo this statue should have more than 1.
      even when those guy who climb didnt fall, they finish by get down by cops and pay bill for their stupidity..
      best statue ever, one of the most beautyful of paris. also the most money maker of the country XD

  2. wow that was a pretty brutal fall but this guy was an idiot. his friends are also idiots and shitty friends for letting him climb up so high when he is on drugs. I feel bad for his family. His stupidity not only killed himself but now his family’s life is ruined and people who had to watch his head splatter will be traumatized. but in the end death is a part of life, and for some it comes much sooner and for this guy it was natural selection at play, nature decided his genes should be removed from the gene pool.

    1. @Persian Always takes a few of these guy’s to set an example of what not to do.
      Take me…I was thinking of getting stoned and standing on a milk crate while waving from my porch…I’m throwing that temptation in the bonfire tonight. πŸ™‚

  3. i confirm.. this technoparade is pur shit full of young idiots tat like climb statue , fountain and other light…
    this should be same as gay parade, nothing big. in those technoparade they always are some drunk, drug and shit. (still always have some shitbag from paris neighboor come from do shit, but in this one, its even didnt needed)
    new record of non-burned car during this one btw.
    glad to not live in paris, i mgood in my little city near swiss XD

  4. He’ll never get to the top of the Vaticano in St. Peter’s Square behind that kind of effort!

    Personally, I always listen to the lions nearby and look at public square monuments. The memories of them last longer that way.

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