Female Grinder Worker Gets Hand Caught in Contraption

Female Grinder Worker Gets Hand Caught in Contraption

Female Grinder Worker Gets Hand Caught in Contraption

Apparently this happened in Mexico. The language is definitely Spanish, so it very well could be.

The video shows a female grinder worker who somehow got her hand caught in the contraption. After screaming in agony, she is saved by men.

As Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata so poignantly puts it:

Maybe, she should have stayed in the kitchen instead believing she can make it in a man’s world.

Props to @seraphim-serenata and @momox for the video:

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99 thoughts on “Female Grinder Worker Gets Hand Caught in Contraption”

  1. It looks like a shredder of some sort without any safety guarding at all. At the end the material in it is some sort of straw material. It could be agave that is shredded after it is compressed to make tequila. It looks like her hand missed the cutting element and got wedged above. Either way her tortilla handling is going to be rough moving forward.

  2. What I find a bit odd is that she is wearing the same kind of gear as her rescuers. I also did not see any real damage to the hand and/or arm. When she’s put in the field bed, you can clearly see the hand is not missing any fingers, and you can see that’s not a worker outfit she’s wearing. I think this is an exercise or something.

    1. @aleck she’s part of a health and safety team that go into small businesses to check for faulty equipment and health and safety breaches. . They will find something no matter what then the business owner pays a “fine”. It’s quite possible that she’s set this up to look like the equipment is faulty. The owner either pays up or they take him to court and he pays substantially more. and goes out of business.

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  3. I’ve seen another video of this and across the back of her uniform is written ‘instructor’ in Spanish and some other mumbo-jumbo, I think this was part of a training exercise because in all honesty she’s taking it pretty well minus whatever the fuck she’s repeating on a loop.

  4. A similar thing happened to my ex wife, she was always saying women are better than men at multi tasking, so I asked her to jerk me off and make me a sandwich at the same time. However after the accident, it just didn’t feel right.

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