Ferric Sulfate Acid Workplace Accident Aftermath

Ferric Sulfate Acid Workplace Accident Aftermath

This happened to a buddy of mine while he was cleaning out an old sub pump pit in a steel mill. He came across a pocket of ferric sulfate acid and it melted the tops of his boots and ate away at his flesh. He described it as the worst pain he’s encountered. The hospital took care of him tho with a nice script of oxys. I started calling him “the colonel” because the skin is “xtra crispy.”

Props to Best Gore member @necronomidog for sharing the story and pictures of his friend’s misfortune:

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      1. Ferric sulfate is a solid at under I’d say 90C off hand.. ferrous isn’t consider that hazardous most likely your friend encountered something much more grim under pressure and they erotr it off of ferrous sulfae insurance purposes. Common practice in the US

        1. Was hoping you’d give some input here OG, My understanding of basic chemistry is that anything with -ate (-ide) in its name eg sulfate, is probably a salt.
          -ic is usually an acid, as in sulfuric.
          Mix an acid with a base ~~> salt
          hydrochloric acid + sodium hydroxide
          HCL (aq) + NaOH (aq) ~~~> NaCl +H20 (Sodium chloride – table salt)

          1. I would suggest it was sulphuric acid with a lot of iron dissolved in it. In practice ,Oleum, very concentrated and ferric denotes Iron 3+. Ie oxidation state. Ferric sulphate in solution does not burn or eat rubber or plastic boots on it own. It must be strongly acidic to do that so evidence leads me to believe it may have been fuming sulphuric acid(oleum) used to clean iron thus acidified Ferric sulphate.

            Only common acid i know in iron plants that can eat rubber or plastic but only over time.

            So i do not doubt that it was probs something else as @ogzerp says.
            If the sulphuric acid had more water in it his leg would have been carbonised a lot more than shown.


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          4. We live in interesting times Mr Nemesis.

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            I really am an old cunt ~ 61 this year, that pic was taken a few moths ago.

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            Dad died over 19 years ago..I miss him terribly. Mum’s in a nursing home only coz she’s prone to a falls. So she’s still very independent…just is in the right place if she falls.

            I’l post a young Doc in my white coat & Royal Adelaide Hospital ID from the 80’s
            …sum have questioned if I’m really a quack. I never mentioned it. The Sphinx BEAT it out of me over about a month of questions haha I NEVER give a medical opinion unless asked. Even then…it’s been a very long time since I worked. Neurocscience area clinically and scientifically (RAH Pain Clinic) were my gig, However, I had to stop working due to health issues in the late 90s.
            I also use Google to refresh my understanding of things and to keep up with all the advances made since I worked in the field. I’ll never copy and paste any text though..I’ll paraphrase and add many sources to the final answer. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it .

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  1. I read somewhere that” seasickness& was not considered a disability for sailors and some sailors don’t get over it. It took many years for navy insurance docs and admirals and stuff to admit it.

    A group of affected sailors managed to get such an insurance navy doc on board a ship as a trial. He was seasick as fuck and never got over it! The navy quickly changed their tune. However ,they were lucky because they had an honest ,sincere and brave doc who was willing to buck the system on their behalf.

    I may have a few details above incorrect ,maybe it was seasickness on a new model warship or something. The moral of the story is that you need to get someone to walk in your shoes before they believe you.so you need to get white docs injured in a foreign land and only having ibuprofen . You watch them change their minds about that when they get back to USA etc Also ,never expect changecfrom weaklngs. If you want positive change in the world you need someone smart and brave and sincere.

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      1. Guy fell off a tanker just last year they said the tanker rail failed and he died from the swing due to him not being attached to the fall protection properly. No one told him the tanker was full of octyl dispro and was under pressure so when he popped the gauge it sent s cloud into the entire plant of essentially acidic vapor.

    1. I can get into the gory details of operating standards, but it always boils down to management errors fucking up the industrial process.

      We can laugh at and ridicule Ankle Boy only because he Recovered from a painful experience roughly equivalent to giving birth, but it’s those fucking suits that are to blame.

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            I believe that they have some badass airconditioners to truly give that minus 75 F look & feel. Watch your students THRILL with anticipation as they wonder who is the next one to turn blue and die.

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