Finger Injured by Being Sucked Into Circular Saw

Finger Injured by Being Sucked Into Circular Saw

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @Petergeeek, who injured his finger on a circular saw:

Hi. Long time lurker who loves watching all the vidoes posted here. I know it’s not very gory, but had a circular saw suck my finger in, when a piece of wood got caught.

Thanks a lot for the pics, @Petergeeek. We appreciate all personal content members share with the community. Some is more gory than other, but each reminds us of reality of the life we’re living.

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19 thoughts on “Finger Injured by Being Sucked Into Circular Saw”

  1. Lucky, could have been a lot worse. I had similar luck with an elevator gate on my left index back in the 90’s that produced an injury that had to be sewed back up and the nail removed. They used these little fishhook type needles to sew it back up. It really throbbed after the injections in my hand wore off. Nail grew back, all good as new after a couple months.

  2. i did similar shit to my finger as a teen, when my victorinox closed on my goddamn finger while assembling WARHAMMER 40k figures…probably some kind of karmic punishment for being such a nerd instead of flying around trying to get some pussy or something…anyway, my doctor grandad fixed it with some medicine and sticking DUCT TAPE right on the finger, like if it was a cable…next week I removed the stuff and it was miraculously healed with a little scar haha

  3. You’re lucky that you didn’t end as bad as other people who had work injuries shown on this page. Still, I don’t think you shall be able to work comfortably (or work at all!) while you have your finger in such a deplorable state. Oh well, I hope it recovers quickly.

  4. “sucked into saw” ?? are you full of shit? that was not “sucked” into a saw – that was just a fuckin’idiot that flipped their finger in the wrong spot at the wrong time. We all fuck up – but this was not a finger “sucked” into a saw but a finger haphazardly brushed against the teeth of a saw in a moment of ( probably ) thinking about wanking into a sock at the next lunch break. Sorry dude, but truth hurts.

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