Fingertip of Iron Worker Crushed by Hydraulic Press

Fingertip of Iron Worker Crushed by Hydraulic Press

The pic and the video were provided by Best Gore member @MrPapaGiorgio, who got them from a friend who’s an iron worker, and who’s coworker had his fingertip crushed while using a hydraulic press to shape sheets of metal.

The incident reportedly just happened and the worker is currently awaiting surgery. The tip of his thumb was shattered, and the fingernail effectively detached. Hopefully he gets a good surgeon who can fix him up.

Thanks a lot for the content, @MrPapaGiorgio:

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40 thoughts on “Fingertip of Iron Worker Crushed by Hydraulic Press”

  1. For some reason this sort of thing makes me shudder a lot more than someone being hacked with a machete. I guess there is no way of quantifying in our imagination how much suffering a person goes through burning to death trapped in a crashed car.

  2. This could happen to anyone @ anytime. Fingers are always caught in some shit,
    There’s probably 10 (TEN) People here who have slaammed the hand or fingers in a car door or a door of some sort and felt as though their fingers would look like this Homeboys’ hand

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