Forestry Worker Crushed to Death by Monster Log

Forestry Worker Crushed to Death by Monster Log

35 year old David Santana died instantly crushed by a huge log on Saturday September 10, 2011 in the West Itapuã, Brazil. David Santana worked for a forestry company called Madeira Marcon. According to the reports from coworkers, instead of waiting until the rest of his party showed up, David Santana wanted to get the work underway and started releasing the cables that held the logs together. One of them slid off the truck and crushed the worker to death. A log of that size weighs about 5 tons. Check out the video. Poor guy had no chance:

…and a few pictures:

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29 thoughts on “Forestry Worker Crushed to Death by Monster Log”

    1. yep even though the bloke was probably working to feed his family, he was working for a company of environmental vandals, note moss on trunk, its from a rain-forest,lungs of the Earth, destroyed at an alarming rate

  1. Jesus Christ,
    That guy is a retard,
    Mark. Here in canada. i know. Fuck Canada.
    im a born citizen. I love the country. but i hate what they are doing to you.
    Anyways. Here in canada. Our workers are taught to stay the fuck out of the line of fire. If that guy had half a brain. Especially. With logs. He would have undone the last tie down point. so it would be a step backwards to get out of the way. I Work in the oilfield. And we are taught that with pipe. Stay the fuck out of the way man….
    For Fuck Sakes
    Fucklin Truckers
    Actually came up on a trucker crushed by pipes a few years ago. shit was fucked. couldnt get pictures…

  2. First thing , did you see the log actually dented is body I mean shit that gotta hurt and secondly I swear to God I think he moved after the log was removed but I think it’s his body just resuming a natural position after being squished like that. Watch it again he moves twice after log removed.

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