Four Die Trying to Defuse Vintage Bomb in Taguig City, Philippines

Four Die Trying to Defuse Vintage Bomb in Taguig City, Philippines

At least 4 people were killed and 11 injured when Explosive Ordinance Disposal operatives from National Police’s Special Action Force of the Philippines messed up their attempt to defuse a vintage bomb. An incident took place on Wednesday January 25, 2011 at around 3pm in Barangay Lower Bicutan, Taguig City, the Philippines.

Three officers from the bomb disposal squad identified as Elizalde Bisaya, Arnold Mayo and Jose Toralba brought a vintage mortar shell to a welding shop on the corner of Daisy Street and Santo Nino in Taguig City to diffuse it. Because they were unsuccessful opening the bomb with a pipe wrench, they asked a worker from the shop to use a welding machine on the bomb. What brilliant idea.

I mean honestly – I’m not even a member of a bomb disposal unit and it strikes me as absolute common sense that you’d never bring heat that can melt steel anywhere near an unexploded ordinance. What were these alleged expert bomb defusers thinking welding into a shell loaded with explosives? Where did they take their bomb disposal training for crying out loud?

Police officer Elizalde Bisaya as well as the Chris Welding Shop owner Crisanto Daguio died on the spot. Officers Arnold Mayo and Jose Toralba as well as Riza Romualdo – owner of a nearby bakery were rushed to a hospital with serious injuries. Jose Toralba and Riza Romualdo were pronounced dead on arrival. Arnold Mayo is alive, but in critical condition.

The blast injured 11 people, 2 of whom have not been identified yet. Names of those who were identified are:

  • Olive Brion, 27
  • Jorelle Lariosa, 6
  • Police Officer Arnold Mayo
  • Romeo Tagono, 16
  • Angelica Covan, 17
  • May Mendizabal, 35
  • Ronalyn Benben, 23
  • Annalyn Aquino, 25
  • Nelia Delara, 40

Philippines needs new bomb defusers – preferably someone who doesn’t take unexploded ordinance to a welding shop and tries to defuse it with a welding machine. WTF?

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70 thoughts on “Four Die Trying to Defuse Vintage Bomb in Taguig City, Philippines”

  1. I hope that at least some of the machines and equipment didn’t die in the explosian. Maybe somebody with a FUCKING BRAIN could put them to use.
    The work and welds themselves on the staircase they were building looked normal, but, wow.
    No.Common.Sense. AT ALL.
    I still have no idea how this could take place as it was decribed, this wasn’t a group of 2-3 fifteen year old kinds doing something fataly stupid, these were “professional” welders and, police(?) Bomb Dummies.
    (shaking my head the entire post)
    Again, Mark. THANK YOU for sheading again more light on how the human race is mentally circling the drain, (hopefully phisicaly as well!-Any Fucking Day Now!)

  2. there was probably a crowd standing around watching them trying to defuse the bomb? some countries have no notion of ‘crowd control’, it’s as if they thought ‘there’s no danger, come closer and watch us’

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      1. wtf did i just read lololol.
        yes women here are hospitable but whorish ya know.
        they let you sleep on their house, you wake up next morning, boom! you’re raped, robbed whatever.
        they have so many prostitutes there, all has aids or more loose than a broken rubber band.

          1. I must ask, Jesus, are you fucking retarded?
            You seek advice, even if it’s just somthing to say here, asking what YOU should do, and what would be in YOUR best intrest.
            That is YOUR JOB to figure out what you want to do. Isn’t anyone here’s day to babysit You.

            I say, go to Brazil, then Syria, then hop on over to Saudi Arabia, then Thailand (make sure to let everybody know that You are just visiting), then check out every single island in the Philippines. Pan handle money if you must, or just blog your way to wealth to afford the cost of travel.
            Possibly at that point you might have gained enough life expeicance to post a comment worth reading, Jesus. For christ sakes.

  4. This is what I’ve learned from a local news here. Those idiot policemen found a vintage bomb. Thinking that they can sell it to a local metal works shop to earn some bucks. They brought the bomb there and tried to dismantle not knowing that it was still alive and BOOOOOOOOOMM!!

    Epic Fail.

    1. I’d say that it’s Akum’s Razor.
      The most simple explination, tends to be the most accurate.
      Stupid people+undetonated bomb+fucking with the thing in a WELDING SHOP+people that could see what was going on=lots of dead stupid people.
      Impossible to say that some in the crowd were not just walking by, but usally a large crowd attracts more people, making it larger, therefore attracting more people.
      All in all, it just made for a (very) head slowly shaking story.

          1. I give these people no credit of merit or cognitive ability to think for themselves, and, I ask You (O.B.) how the fuck You were confused in thinking that, somehow I conveyed that I am with the opinion that these people are able to accomplish such an enormous task of evaluating danger and taking actions to prevent A BOMB FROM BLOWING UP IN THEIR FACES?
            I do not see how you draw your conclusion from anything I have ever “said” on here.

  5. If this happen here in USA.. bringing the bomb next to a Ma & Pa bakery shop to defuse it, instead of blowing it up away from populated area than you have a massive lawsuit on their hand and all FBI, TOBACCO & DRUG, INTERNAL AFFAIR, POLICE CHIEF, MAYOR, GOVERNOR, STATE POLICE, FIRE CHIEF, US STATE DEPARTMENT, BORDER PATROL and NATIONAL LIBERTY UNION, INSURANCE ADJUSTER, LAWYERS will all be present to figure out what happen and who was at fault.

  6. I’m from the philippines, And I’d like to say a lot of our soldiers policemen nowadays are mostly incompetent when dealing with such cases. But This is a big shock to me when dumb fucks like these try to diffuse it with fire? it’s like putting out fire by pouring gasoline in it…

  7. these are suspected terrorist . not the defuser.. they somehow manage to get a vintage bomb to be used on the city. it back fired on the,. there is also a record of them on cctv where they plan the first bombing which killed a lot.

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