Four Indians Celebrating Ganesh Visarjan Fall Due to Crane Failure

Four Indians Celebrating Ganesh Visarjan Fall Due to Crane Failure

Four Indians Celebrating Ganesh Visarjan Fall Due to Crane Failure

Ganesh Visarjan is a Hindu festival celebrated in India to commemorate the birth of Ganesha – the deity with the elephant head. The devotees immerse statues in water as part of the celebration.

The group of apparent devotees featured in the video seemingly decided to celebrate Ganesh Visarjan by having themselves immersed. They stood themselves up on a metal platform suspended from a crane, but the crane did not have the rope calibrated for their weight, or was simply not maintained properly, resulting in ripped cable that caused the four to fall.

The video doesn’t show what happened to them, but that could not have ended up good.

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95 thoughts on “Four Indians Celebrating Ganesh Visarjan Fall Due to Crane Failure”

      1. If you watch the video very carefully you can see the end of that weighted ball with the hook on it tighten up and tense up ,and it raises up very slowly until suddenly bam !!! the cable snapped … They have the silly thing in reverse… that crane could pick up many more thousands of pounds than those little skinny Indians Weighted… Chalk this one up to operator error

          1. @the-captain

            If memory serves, elevators in the US have at least two cables, each capable of holding several times the weight of a fully loaded car.

            Then there’s the brake that clamps down on the cables near the top of the shaft if there’s a serious system error, someone hits the emergency stop button, or there’s a power failure. Basically, it’s constantly set to BRAKE and only a feed of proper information keeps it held open.

            Finally, there’s a system either on the sides or under the car that is held open by the pull of the cables above. If that goes slack or the system senses a fall (depends on whether that elevator is using a newer or older system) that slams outward into the walls of the shaft and slows or halts your descent.

            Yeah, I’m that weirdo who’ll get a question in their head and spends the rest of the day researching and a few months ago I had a ‘what really happens when the cable snaps’ day. Also, if that was a HOHH reference, you get bonus points.

  1. The crane operator really fucked up. If you see in the beginning, the cable is showing between the hook and the boom, but as he slowly moves the boom out farther, he doesn’t give any slack and you can even see the hook starting to curl, tightening that cable, before it snaps. POP. Bye Bye you Faggots

    1. Pretty sure the statue/idol at the center was pretty heavy, add that that at least 2 of the guys where also kinda heavy and you have 500 pounds on that crane and it was the wire that gave up not the chain still odd that the wire gave way.

      The police report didnt investigate why the wire wasnt able to hold the weight they just put as cause of the accident that Ganesh was not pleased with the either the faith or the offering from the participants.

      1. Yeah… Because they were offering the God a 3foot turdpile! … That looked awfully like YOU!… No, I’m sorry @Srazy.. I ran outta bud and my dealer bein a Douchepit on the credit! … Anyways, you seem pretty damned knowledgeable about the wires and chains.. Did you work in cuntstruction or at Homo Depot or something?… Ha..?

  2. Turns out there was no Elephant in this (figurative) room at all, of which to speak at least.

    Also, even though you can’t hear it because that one guy shouted, I’m pretty sure the splash they made sounded something like: *Ganeshhh!*

  3. Only thing that was recovered was the party hat from the guy in the back.
    Fuckers live and die near the Ganges never learning how to swim, it puzzles me, we all know how to swim on a primal level.

  4. on the sea bed is nothing but uncooked rice… part of their traditional ritual that includes being dipped into the sea by crane is also to pray for the heaty water gods to come and cook all the rice…

  5. Ha ha aha ha!

    This makes me laugh everytime I play it.

    It was always going to end in disaster; if the crappy cable hadn’t snapped, it would have unwound from the drum, the crane would have toppled or the jib would have made contact with the power lines.

    All that’s missing is Bugs Bunny’s ‘That’s All Folks!’.

  6. Goddamned pussy cameraman, can’t hold steady on the follow-through. This isn’t Hitchcock, Hinderp, we wanna see the splat.

    What I love about religious events gone horribly wrong is it just further cements that none of your gods are real. Not a single one. Next time convert to Yaweh and see if He saves you (spoiler alert: He won’t).

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