Full Contact Combat Sports Injuries

Full Contact Combat Sports Injuries

In full contact combat sports, the fighters are hit, kicked and thrown around for real. Their bodies are conditioned to take a lot of damage but from time to time they get struck in such manner that it leaves them with a bleeding wound. Wounds to any part of the face are particularly annoying because they bleed a lot and for a long time. One small gash on a forehead or an eyebrow can release a lot of blood. Of course we’re not talking arterial bleeding here, but all the tiny capillaries in the face sure leak a lot when ruptured.

Below is a gallery of random photos of full contact martial art fighters who suffered bloody injuries during the course of the fight.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. These dudes got fucked up! What i wanna know is what do their opponents look like? My hubs used to do this shit when he was a teen, he was damn good at it too. Ive seen him fuck a dude up pretty bad and his fave lookes about like the #1 pic up there! Lmao it was a funny ass fight to watch though, my man is 6’2″ and about 250, other dude was about 5’7″ and maybe 175? He shouldnt have pulled a gun on us is all im sayin!!! HA!

  2. I used to like watching UFC fighting in the old days before there were gloves and rules. Most blood lost in a cage match has to go to Joe “Daddy” Stevenson against…arr, I forgot his name, but Stevenson lost a whole lot of blood through a gash on his head. It was a bloodbath.

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  4. This is why in my younger days , loved to watch (LENNOX LEWIS) the best and hardest hitting fighter , kick the living shit out of TYSON , HOLYFEILD , and everybody else for that matter. If it wasn,t for that over sized (BUCKWHEAT CUNT) Don King , Lennox , would have retired that Tyson idiot in his early years.

  5. Good one ! It reminds me of my Boxing Idol (LENNOX LEWIS) now there,s a boxer with class. He kicked the shit out of Tyson ,Holyfeild , & many , many , more. If it wasn,t for that over sized buckwheat Don (Jew loving) King , he would have kicked the living shit out of Tyson and turned him into a special olympics gumby , years earlier. Lennox retired a true champion.

  6. I love wrestling*sarcasm.Its stupid and phony. They always bleed in the same spot on their forehead….I am gonna look up how they do that. But over the years the drive to make more money has cost lives. All it is now is a big show about ass and stupid soap opera plots. Cage fighting is a lot more real, but it screws up your brain.

  7. What is it with you people and this UFC MMA whatever the hell it is. Don’t get me wrong I love violence as its already conditioned into my everyday life. If I had kids(laugh) I can’t Imagine the fucked up things that would seem normal and accepted by society these days.

  8. If you put a real black belt karate guy from Japan into this UFC match, it will last only 10 seconds max for the opponent, bad news for the audience and sports channels, and one more coffin sold.

    These guys really are pathetic, trying to be Bruce Lee the reborn, and the audience are full of imaginations.

    Where is the sportsmanship? If you want to kill somone, use a gun, and not to torture in this manner. This is not a sport, it’s a game for the very sick and cowards.

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