Gas Station Fuel Tank Repair Worker Flies and Dies After Causing Explosion

Gas Station Fuel Tank Repair Worker Flies and Dies After Causing Explosion

On the morning of Tuesday, March 8, 2016, at a gas station on São Miguel Street in Afogados neighborhood of Recife – the capital city of the Pernambuco state in Brazil, a repair worker died after causing an explosion.

The worker, who was a welder, was fixing a leaking fuel tank. The tank was emptied off the gas, but some flammable fumes apparently still lingered in the manhole and lit up while the worker was sanding the hole.

The explosion amputated the worker’s leg, and propelled him 10 meters up into the air. His lifeless corpse landed on the tiled floor of the station.

CCTV video:

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      1. Yes exactly what I was thinking. Just flopped down.. The people in the white car were probably thinking “yeahh… let’s just go to a Toot n Totum” do they only have those in America? I’m too lazy for Google right now.

      1. That was no repairman… any first-year mechanic knows it is safer to weld on a full tank of gas then to weld on an empty one… wow just oh my god wow!!! Fumes are flammable and explosive ….not liquid gasoline
        … this is why gasoline must be turned into a fine mist inside the engine before it is useful as a fuel

  1. Wow that dude got fd up bad. That’s probably one of the worst ways to go out. Sheesh doesn’t Brazil have safety standards or protocol? Brazil smh tsk tsk.

  2. Wow, that escalated quickly. This clip needs a Dubstep drop or that song, not sure of the title, but it goes, “Move Bitch! Get out the way, get out the way bitch, get out the way!” Ok, looked it up. It’s Ludacris, “Move Bitch.” That was easy…

    1. Look at it this way… at least he won’t get into trouble for this mistake… they won’t even dock his paycheck…for the now useless fuel tank…and he won’t get a repremand for unsafe work practice… The little bassterd gets off Scott free… who’s going to pay for that useless fuel tank now???

  3. Not much I can say that hasn’t already been said. Oh I just heard on CNN that The Artist, formerly known as Prince died. He was 57 and apparently died from complications after having the flu.
    RIP purple rain man.

    1. Yea heard the news too,shortly after China (wrestler) death news. Kinda shocking and sad….I thought he was a great,talented unique artist from my youth. Great taste in muses: Carmen Eletra,Vanity,Apollonia,Susanna Hoffs,Shelia E. etc.
      yet another iconic musician gone in an impressive list from past 6 months,Im guessing Elton John,Ozzy,ZZ Top,or Alice Cooper will be next to go before years end.

      1. @No Cuntry For Old Men, then there is the actors, how the hell is Jack Nicholson still alive? Or Clint Eastwood & Burt Reynolds for that matter, I cry when my favourites die. I really liked Philip Seymore Hoffman in Boogie Nights, that is a great movie. Domino is a suitable movie for BG members too. Off topic, sorry.

      2. My bet is on Keith Richards…he looks like he’s dead

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    2. Back in the 80’s when I was a long haired heavy metal worshipper I would close my bedroom door and secretly listen to Prince on my cassette playing boom box. I would fantasize about riding through the streets on my purple motorcycle while wearing woman’s clothing. I did eventually get a motorcycle although it wasn’t purple. As far as wearing women’s clothing…I was just happy to get into a girl’s pants.

        1. @tas_tiger. The symbol thing ended in 2000 or 2001 or something like that. He changed his name back to Prince although Princess may have been more suitable. Either way, I’m sure it’s easy enough to Google but I’ll leave that for someone who cares a lot more than I do.
          Unrelated. You are always talking about Australia. Is the term, “Throw another shrimp on the barbie!(spelling?) a midget porn reference?

          1. @dan-a-conda, nah, the “shrimp” reference is exclusively for you Americans to understand, we don’t call them ‘Shrimps’ we call them prawns. It was just an advertisement for Australian tourism, but it COULD be used for midget porn and I bet it has been!? Do you like Paul Hogan? (the Crocodile Dundee)

      1. @deadohiosky I thought my comment was too soon, that’s why I deleted it. I had all the guys at work believing his real name was Willy Lopez (From Ghost) for about a year, because they knew he was Puerto Rican and one of them asked me, so I lied and said that name and they all believed me. They just now found out I was lying this whole time 😆 I don’t know why they were so pissed about it, I mean I thought it was funny.

        1. @re-Pete
          Ha! Some people are so serious, especially about things they deem sensitive, like death. When my wife told me about him today, “the artist formally known as Alive” was the first thing to come out of my mouth.
          She looked at me kind of shocked and horrified and said “there’s something wrong with you”. Yes…yes there is lol.

          1. They were just pissed because I fooled them for so long into thinking he was really Willy Lopez. They gotta have some humor in there life, you’re right, people take shit too seriously. Those people end up developing cancer and usually have high blood pressure, its medically proven too.

          2. @deadohiosky, I get that look a lot..I remember when I first joined and there was a post with a woman getting bit by a dog when she was doing that stupid pour ice water on yourself challenge..I showed it to my bf and was laughing my ass off, he looked at me like I was disgusting..its not like he didn’t know I was warped! I don’t even bother now and he is thankful I have my BG buddies to share our love of gore with.

  4. Yesssss!!! No one said it yet. ..
    He looked like Woody from “Toy Story” when a human walks in the room! But he flew like Buzz Lightyear, or rather “he fell with style!”…..come on laugh everybody, it’s funny!
    I said laugh goddammit! >:(

    1. From what I have read on previous posts Da Silva is a very common name in Brazil like Smith or Jones in the US. This guy didn’t have good sense welding on a gas tank. Empty or not there is still fumes. Darwin award.

  5. Absolutely spectacular. This video contains the ‘Soul Essence’ of what Best Gore is. It goes like this; “Explain to me, what is this Best Gore website?” [insert video here] “Good explanation right!?!”

  6. That guy was airborn for almost 3 full seconds. It took roughly 10 seconds for people in tower 1 of the world trade center during 9/11 to splatter all over the pavment… So Id say that guy went pretty fucking high.

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