Glass Factory Hand Injury That Required 11 Stitches

Thumb Bleeding from Cut Caused by Handling of Broken Glass Without Protective Gloves

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @inb4random, who injured his hand at work due to overexertion and failing to use protective workwear:

I work in a glass factory. This nasty cut is the result of three twelve hour shifts and failing to consider the danger of handling broken glass without my proper gloves. I had a total of eleven stitches.

Thanks a lot for the pics, @inb4random. While any injury that requires 11 stitches is without a doubt not negligible, hopefully you won’t lose any sensation in your thumb so you can continue working in the glass factory. I’ve never met anyone who works in a glass factory. It seems to be such an exotic job, hehe.

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26 thoughts on “Glass Factory Hand Injury That Required 11 Stitches”

  1. Gloves and gauntlets which protects the wrist from getting sliced at all times when handling glass those big 2 meter sheets when being carried can be dangerous give you a nice haircut if been carried by an idiot especially when turning around

  2. Maybe your Boss should re evaluate making his employee’s work 3-12 hour shifts in a row. You were probably exhausted, and as a result, lost your balance, and injured yourself in the process! Hope you continue to heal well, and be careful brother!

    1. Yeah, when they pull that schedule on people, it means either 1) you’re too good at your job 2) they’re breaking you down for a reason to fire you. You’ll need massive quantities of nutrients like liver to endure.

  3. It was dumb I’ll admit lol. It was the end of the day and I was using acid to clean the glass that sits on the machine that puts the chemicals on the glass to clean it. I had my acid gloves on, but I should have switched when the glass broke. The 12 hour shifts are routine, and the three day weekends are worth it. But shit happens. Oddly enough, the dang tetanus shot hurts worse now than the cut.

    1. When I got my head cut by glass the tetanus hurt worse for me as well. Can I ask whatcha do at the glass factory? Make the glass into a product? Just clean it? Idk why I am so intrigued about that haha..

        1. Thank you. Was just wondering. Used to work at a place called nifco and worked with the windows being installed in car doors. It was third shift, three 12s on, 3 off..then 4 12s on and off. Sometimes mandatory 16s. Takes a toll after awhile and numerous accidents happened at that place

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