Group of People Knock Over Old Wall, Some Get Crushed

Group of People Knock Over Old Wall, Some Get Crushed

Group of People Knock Over Old Wall, Some Get Crushed

I don’t know much about this video. It could be from South East Asia.

The video shows a group of people executing a manual demolition of an old wall. They knock the wall over, but a pice of an adjacent perpendicular wall also detaches and falls on some of the people closest to it, apparently crushing them.

Props to Best Gore member @refuse2renig for the video. Reminds me of this shit here:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. Ditto…. Not just gravity, (that it exists) but torsion, moment, and rotation. A few other things to consider when cantilevering a load-bearing wall…

          1. I have just put my scientist hat on. These Hindus are our cousins brother. They are indo-europeans /caucasians/ aryans except for deep south. They are not related to chinese/japanese /korean Asians. Thais are very beautiful because they are a mix of white people and chinese-type asians tens of thousands of years ago.
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          2. @hopingfornemesis

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          3. @hopingfornemesis

            We’ll both of you guys are sort of right. But it’s a lot more complex that both of your statements. I did an internship for a genetics firm 20 years ago and quite learned about genes of humans. (Where you guys think I got my despise for some from?;))

          4. @wallabeast
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  1. I know i’m laughing guys but i have a confession to make, the same thing happened to me, almost exactly the same only it had a roof, it came down on me, my hard hat flew off, the dust mask flew off, i got out with just a scratch though. can’t think how.

        1. I was using a kango on the wall so it wasn’t as basic as these guys but the outcome was pretty much the same, for a while everything ws blnak but i’m still not sure if i was out for a while or not, my mate came rushing round from the other side said he expected to find me dead, haha construction is just a matter of time guys, i’ve seen tons of accidents, that’s not all either, there was a couple of other close shaves..sorry to hear about yr great uncle nemesis

          1. Thanks polluted. He was a great guy but old school; ,you know , those old coots you can’t tell them anything they know everything already. Anyway. There you go. I am glad you made it. Construction is tough dangerous work. If you are not careful we will find you nailed to a beam by the foreskin!! Hahaha


  2. At first I laughed, then I forgot that areas of the world have never heard of science let alone know how to work around potential danger. Again and again on this site, which I love, out of large groups of folks working on dangerous construction sites not one stops to play it safe.

    1. Biggest mistake ever made! It allowed those fucken east germans to unite with west germany and make germany resurgent again,making merkel boss of us all. It allowed Us to become too powerful telling all us cousin-states what to do. It allowed all ragheads to be weaponised by US against us all. Having Russians balancing out US was better for the world’s peoples!

  3. I am picturing them all sitting on the high-up branch of a tree sawing it off.

    I am also picturing them all crawling about in a cellar full of dynamite using lighted candles to look for a lost kitten.

    Then I have an enduring image of them all tying their bungees to the end of each other’s bungee for safety and then all jumping off a bridge together.

    It is like a bad day at Warner Bros cartoons, Mel Blanc has run out of voices and Wile E Coyote, Sylvester and Foghorn Leghorn just don’t see the point in trying any more.

    Please make this go away. I will be insane in the membrane before my dinner is cooked. Sorry… now I have just seen an image of me… coating myself in egg-wash, rolling around in breadcrumbs and then deep-frying myself.

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