Hand Burned on an Exhaust from a Boat

Hand Burned on an Exhaust from a Boat

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @therealcookster, who burned the wrist area on his hand while working on his dad’s bat:

I was working on my dads boat, when trying to retrieve my gloves which were drying around the exhaust one had fallen behind and unfortunately I’d touched the unprotected part at the back. Am still in pain 1 month later and will need treatment to build lost tissue according to the hospital.

Had the dressing taken off today, was a special dressing, had a gel in it to help build tissue.

Thanks a lot for the pics, @therealcookster. That looks like one serious burn, and it still looks serious after a month of healing. Damn. Hopefully you get your hand’s use restored. Luckily, it’s the right hand so you can still give yourself a stranger:

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57 thoughts on “Hand Burned on an Exhaust from a Boat”

      1. That’s septicemia. Your vessels are red and inflamed from the presence of bacteria in the blood near your wound.

        I would go to the hospital as soon as your read this, not when it is convenient. If you wait until you FEEL like you need to go you will most certainly face a period of delirium and according to a 2015 statistic a 40% chance of shock>organ failure>pearly gates.

        1. I’m a clinician. Antibiotics take awhile to see results and if you wait too long (but not long enough to seal your fate) your best case scenario is weekly dialysis for the remainder of your time here.

          Cool pics nonetheless. I bet that wound smells delectable

          1. Truth be told I’m telling you the worst case scenario because the risk is real. If you told any of what you typed here to those nurses and they really just moved on with their day I’d slap them upside the head once and pay a settlement later.

            But I digress because I don’t know all the details. Top 3 Important is your age, other ongoing health conditions and medications. That said I’ve seen several fit-as-a-fiddle 20 year olds permanently damaged from treatment and a handful dead, usually due to some antibiotic resistant bacterium.

            If you have questions I’m glad to answer however information and WebMD-esque ‘umbrella’ guesses of what is really going is all I can do without a real, in-person physical. PM if needed but I trust you will be in good hands as the bar is set pretty high for healthcare in this country.

            P.S. I don’t come to BG to use my brain but I couldn’t stand by when time is of the essence. I really do wish you well as crass and morbid as I may come off. Update pls

  1. That has happened to me many times in my years as a mechanic. One time I was torching off a muffler and a small chunk of red hot metal fell into my overalls and made it’so way down to my groin area. Let’s just say my dick looked kinda like the one in my avi.

  2. Was complaining about the pain at work a couple of days ago, kept hitting it, like you do when you hurt yourself. The only comment I got was,
    “Stop your whining bitch, got on with it.” just love my work mates!

  3. Damn!! Sorry for your luck that day, brother. I pray for a speedy and full recovery for you. Consider getting some physio therapy? It may help with mobility. Ultrasound can do amazing things. Thanks for sharing your story and pics. Take care.

  4. Ok after reading the commentary…I have to ask?
    Is it really that big of a concern for you men that if something happens and you lose temporary use of a hand that your that concerned about how you are going to be able to masturbate ?
    Not the thought that would of came to my mind after seeing his boo boo but I’m not a guy and I know you guys have your priorities
    Seriously tho that looks really painful….I wish you a fast(er) recovery and no lasting effects from it. Thanks for sharing your pictures and story.
    Oh and enjoy your stranger lol

    1. I knew the conversation would quickly turn sexual, but that’s why I love BG, humour helps at these painful times. Seriously though it’s not really the pain it’s the length of time and how slowly it’s taking to heal. I can’t sit around waiting so I’m working everyday, my work is quite hard at times so I knock it often….ouch!

  5. Christ, that looks necrotic. Stick a tampon in it or something.

    Jokes aside, I think you should let it breathe a bit. It looks really moist. You need to let it scab over, and do try resist the temptation to eat the scab – I usually can’t help myself.

    1. That’s what u thought, but the treatment I’m being given is a gel which helps build lost tissue. I have to strap it to my wrist and leave it for a week at a time, when the nurse removes the bandages, well to me it looks terrible but the health team seems happy with it. The burn needs to remain moist apparently.

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