Hand Caught in Machine, Ring Finger Destroyed Beyond Repair

Hand Caught in Machine, Ring Finger Destroyed Beyond Repair

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @Kirkjohnson, who sent pictures of his friend’s hand after it got caught in a machine. The ring finger was mangled beyond repair and had to be amputated:

My friend who got fucked up at work, hand caught in a die. Standard amputation.

I contacted @Kirkjohnson with a request for additional clarification, because the brief description of what happened raises many questions for which there is no answer. Either way, many thanks for sharing these pics with us:

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30 thoughts on “Hand Caught in Machine, Ring Finger Destroyed Beyond Repair”

  1. Eh, look at the bright side…. if there is still a little stub where the finger was, it may come in handy for computing fractions and decimals. I mean, for example, if he ends up with 9.2 fingers, that fraction of a finger may come in handy.

  2. This is only a guess but the reference to the ‘die’ could be a stamping die in a punch press. These presses usually require two hands to press separate buttons for operation. That should prevent the operator from being able to put his hands into the gap between the die plates. Safety interlocks might have been absent or malfunctioning in this case.

  3. My twin sister had, among other severe injuries, her left thumb ripped off during a head on collision when a stupid 16 year old with no license jumped in his mom’s car during an ice storm and damn near killed her and her husband. (The brat wound up with just a broken leg.) Her husband was severely injured, too. She was taken to a local hospital and the doctors reattached her thumb. Sadly, it got gangrene in it and they had to take it off. After the area healed up she was sent to Duke Hospital where they took off her left great toe and put it on her hand. She’s got massive wicked scars but she won’t let me take any pictures of either her hand or her foot, which is a damn shame! Everyone knows how big the great toe is, but’s that’s only because it has muscles in it and you walk on it all day long. When they transplanted it to her hand, it looked huge. BUT!!! After about 7 months it was just about exactly the same size of her right thumb. It shrunk down because she wasn’t walking on it! It works absolutely perfectly and if you didn’t notice the scars, you’d never know she has a toe for a thumb. My brother and I rag her all the time when we are at her house and she’s cooking a meal. “I’ll have some of your food but I don’t want any toe jam in it,” and many other crass jokes. Thankfully she takes it all in stride….pun intended!

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