Hand Damaged and Four Fingers Destroyed by Press at Work

Hand Damaged and Four Fingers Destroyed by Press at Work

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @shalon, who’s acquaintance had his hand damaged and four fingers destroyed by a press at work:

Exclusive content! This is a guy I know that had a workplace accident. A press fell on his hand and he lost 4 fingers. One of his co-workers saved him from bleeding out by tying his belt around his arm. I’ve included pictures from before and after surgery. Took place in Michigan, USA.

Thanks a lot for the pics and story, @shalon. That is some serious trauma to the hand. Hopefully he received pretty good insurance money, cause I don’t think he’ll get to use that hand again:

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67 thoughts on “Hand Damaged and Four Fingers Destroyed by Press at Work”

  1. Oh faq, I hear the first few days are critical in preventing an infection that can result in an all out amputation. Wasn’t there a similar case of such infection published here once?

    1. He should volunteer for robotics experiments whats he got to loose maybe a new hand? Hell he can allow them to replace his entire body structure with a cybernetic organism, living tissue over metal endoskeleton, he can be rebuilt!

    1. Hydraulics. It can be so efficient, I have to laugh.

      Back in the early 80s, one of our customers had hydraulic equipment that stopped in the middle of the spin-process cycle. The operator decided he didn’t want to follow procedure and call the maintenance department to re-start the centrifuge.

      Yes, he didn’t read the big, fucking sign about de-energizing the hydraulics. All non-essential business postponed and closed casket ceremony.

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