Hand Injured on Machine that Spins Aluminum

Hand Injured on Machine that Spins Aluminum

Hand Injured on Machine that Spins Aluminum

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @sexyclimber, who hooked us up with a pic of a hand injured on a machine that spins aluminum:

Happened at my husband’s work. The guy’s hand got caught in a machine that spins aluminum. He was fired for failing a drug test so I don’t have any follow up information.

Many thanks for sharing the pic with us, @sexyclimber. The guy got his hand fucked up for life and then got fired from the same job where his hand got fucked up? I wonder if the alleged “drugs” he was taking were for the physical and/or psychological pain arising as a result of the injury…

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74 thoughts on “Hand Injured on Machine that Spins Aluminum”

  1. Sorry to hear about your devastating injury B G Brother @sexyclimber
    I Hate it when people are working so hard to make a life for themselves, and put food on the table for your family. It truly is a sad situation. I Hope that you heal well, and keep infection at bay.
    Your B G Brother,
    Andre 🙂

      1. @ace
        Put down your crack pipe, or Bong for 5 minutes, lol (Joke Me Brother),,, and only then might you notice that i have started answering his questions a few days ago now. But Ace,,, if you go on the page B G Brother,,, you will see/notice just how fucking slow it has been, as it takes me forever to get to the bottom of the page.
        It fucking sucks as it takes a couple of minutes just to load up because there is just too much shiat on it For Fucks-Sake. Fucking-Sucks! 🙁

        I Am replying my man,,, I have So Far Answered Questions #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 And i’m working on #6 right now as we speak. But the Page Is So fucking Slow Cause Of All The Many Useless Dumb-Ass Comments, that i am going to start a new one so hopefully only the questions and answers can be putout.

        And then after we are All Done With **My & P.O.Z.’s Question/Answer Session** Then i will be more then happy to continue answering any Reasonable Question That Any Brother,Or Sister Has For Me.

        So look me up on the new forum page that i will start right now and throw-in one of your own questions if you want my man.
        The-Dre. 🙂

  2. First… I Feel bad for the guy, Karma took a big hit on him… 1 handet and jobless, that sucks.
    With one functional hand its though to find a new job.

    Second… Hands down, he should get free aluminium foil for the rest of his live from this factory.

  3. Perhaps he got fired from a Yakuza run business and had to leave his fingers behind as compensation.

    Alternatively he may have chopped his fingers off to get back in like Keanu Reeves did in John Wick 3.

  4. I left my trucker job as soon as they started giving all the workers random drug tests. “Fuck that, I’m outta here.” I only found out later that the tests could be faked using Listerine tabs and iced coffee… lol. Never got a chance to try it though.

      1. Well, from my experience it’d be pretty hard to use fake piss when you have to pull your johnson out directly in front of your friendly assistant (cough cough narc…), and fill the receptacle in their attentive gaze – I’m sure some fucker has worked out how to do it…

        1. They sell it in a little bag with a tube attached, of course you have to wear it around it’s better to just stay sober if you have a job like that. I’ve been fired twice for smoking weed which is retarded. Usually random test they don’t watch you. Under suspicion they do. I’ve been randomed where they do watch your back the whole time though.

  5. I was a supervisor in a factory during the mid 90’s. Back then, drug tests were pretty much optional…

    Anyway, there was this young girl, who always kept to herself. She was a good employee who worked hard, and her attendance was flawless.

    …fast forward

    She came to work loaded one night. I didn’t notice her going to her station at the time, because I was doing some paperwork.

    All of a sudden I hear screaming, and things being knocked over. Come to find out, she was even-ing the score with another girl, who stole her boyfriend from her.

    Kind of unusual in a sense, that rumors float around pretty easily in a workplace setting. Many times I could pick up, or have my team leaders give me feedback, as to what was happening on the floor.

    …but not her

    She kept it inside all this time. She was little, and the girl who stole her boyfriend was rather big.

    …it wasn’t even a fight

    I had to call an ambulance on the larger girl, for a broken nose and jaw…

    Unfortunately, I had to let her go, as well as answer to the police, the paramedics and my boss.

    A lot of times, we think workplace injuries happen at the workplace for many reasons. (and they do)

    However, workplace injuries can happen long before, an employee PUNCHES in at work. (no pun intended)

  6. Dammit, losing part of your hand AND then getting fired? That’s just awful.
    Not to mention having a drug problem and a shit paying job.

    Makes me wanna be grateful for being me in my easy life and pen-pushing job.

  7. Tip. If you have no Hand Sanitiser the easiest solution is to boil a kettle of water and when boiled ‘immediately’ pour over both hands. This will kill Coronavirus that may be on your paws. Then visit your local Hospital’s Accident and Emergency department to obtain pain medication and to have the blisters tended to. When the doctor leaves you unattended for hours on end after introducing himself as Gupta from Uttar Pradesh in indecipherable English, just help yourself to all the Hand Sanitiser available by ripping the fittings off the wall holding the bottles of liquid and completely destroying the plasterwork on the wall.
    Then go home and self isolate/masturbate

  8. If this happened in the US, this guy has a case against the company.
    The company is still liable for the injuries, and all repercussions arising from the injuries. That’s why they are supposed to drug test you before you injure yourself and not even let you work if you are on something, even if prescribed by a doctor. Get a lawyer, if they won’t help, get a different one. You can still be fired for not following company drug policy but this can only result in termination. The company is still liable for any & all injuries & any related repercussions of them.
    They will deny this & hope you believe them. They lie.
    If this not in US, I say good luck to this man.

      1. Oh dang!
        That has got to be more mentally traumatizing than physically painful.
        Hurt, YES! definitely but soon the endorphins kick in & there’s some relief then the med. provided pain killers take care of the extreme immediate issue. The pain is temp.
        Looking down at your own hand & seeing that kind of damage to your own body. You will never forget that sight.

  9. Ok that’s gore. I had my hand in the circlesaw but it was a clear wound so in 5 hours of operation the nerves and all shit got done. But I dont feel my hand not anymore (It was 75% gone off my wrist) And they did it with plastic surgery,who not normal??

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