Hand Injured on Woodworking Saw

Freshly Injured Hand Ready for the Shocker

Hand Injured on Woodworking Saw

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @shotgunoverdose, who’s hand got injured while operating a woodworking saw:

I worked at a factory where we made wooden pallets or (Skids). I was on the saw line where my glove, which had holes in the fingertips, got caught on a feeder. The feeder looks like a thick bicycle chain with spikes on it, which dragged my hand behind a metal guard and began to chew the shit out of my hand. Severing several tendons on my ring and pinky fingers. Added a few pics after surgery at various stages of healing.

Thanks a lot for the pics, @shotgunoverdose. You got a great conversation starter with scars to show for it:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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75 thoughts on “Hand Injured on Woodworking Saw”

  1. All that energy wasted on fretting about not being able to pull your pud properly again. Never underestimate the human body’s ability to heal. Mind you, if Nadal can learn to play tennis with his other hand !!

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      1. Glad you got some compensation but it was an accident, fault or not. Hope they covered the medical bills too! Least you can make up a cool story to tell strangers what happened, like you wrangled with a shark or something! ; )

  2. If those pallets you make are anything like the ones I gotta work with then you deserved it… about one third of those fuckers either have rusted nails or wooden splinters sticking out of them and I consider this karma.

    But hey, if you made decent pallets then that sucks man, heal quickly.

      1. Good for you guys.

        The worst pallets I ever saw came from India. Lots of untreated soft wood, strictly illegal, splintered, caved in, with those cheap, thin nails poking out. Some of them even had sheet metal corner supports, quite often all torn up and with more of those worthless goddam nails.

        I’m surprised no one got seriously injured or infected.

      1. Oh shit! Didn’t think about that! This dude might have been drunk, stoned or on Quaaludes! That’s why I prefer working for employers who require drug testing. I leave for the clinic in the morning and don’t come back for 8 hours claiming “long lines”.

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