Head Squashing Workplace Accident on a Container Ship

Total Head Destruction, Brain Nowhere To Be Found

It’s always a shit deal to die on the job. You wear your ass down to earn money for your family and that’s also the last thing you’ll know on this planet. This fellow’s head got crushed while he was working on a cargo ship. Owing to miscommunication with crane operator, his head was squished between one of the containers and those steel pipes on the floor. It completely destroyed his head, spilling brain right out of his skull so it can’t even be seen in pictures. Brutal!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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22 thoughts on “Head Squashing Workplace Accident on a Container Ship”

  1. Steve stevedore
    worked double shift
    for more
    Tired and thrift
    he took a snore
    below the lift

    Woken by sudden pain
    he didn’t see the crane
    but heard a breaking bone
    Steve stevedore is gone

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