Helicopter Crashed Into a Crane in Vauxhall, London

Helicopter Crashed Into a Crane in Vauxhall, London

Two people died and 13 were injured after a helicopter crashed into a crane at the St George Wharf Tower just south of the River Thames in Vauxhall, London. Among the dead are the pilot of the helicopter and one person on the ground.

An Agusta Westland 109 helicopter was on a commercial flight and requested to divert and land at the nearby London Heliport due to bad weather. Pilot Pete Barnes had a long career of flying which included flying in the James Bond film Die Another Day.

Here are some video of the crash:

An eye witness says the helicopter plummeted to the ground:

Aerial video filmed from a helicopter hovering above London:

And a gallery of photos:

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25 thoughts on “Helicopter Crashed Into a Crane in Vauxhall, London”

    1. From what I read/saw on the news, he was 500yards of course, disregarding his reroute. An eye witness said “the pilot saved so many lives when he steered his *out of control* ‘copter away from buildings & a nearby overhead railway track”. Quite how controllable an out of control helicopter is, I have no idea. Pilot was as good as dead as soon as it started falling, no doubt he would have tried to avoid a catastrophe. Infact, give him the benefit of the doubt, it wasn’t pure luck, the pilot is a hero!

      Here’s a paraphrased quote from one of the construction site workers “for the first time in years that crane driver was late to work by only a few minutes. Had he been on time I have no doubt he wouldn’t be with us now.” Now that is luck!

  1. It’s the random events like this that make waking up every day so scary. One minute you’re going about your business down the street, and the next minute you’ve got a freakin’ helicopter plummeting towards you. I’m really surprised more people didn’t get killed.

    1. The MI6 building is nearby the crash site, I can’t think of a building that would have more cameras around it in the UK. Well, perhaps I can, but I agree with you there should be CCTV footage somewhere. As for the actual impact of the helicopter into the crane, it was pretty misty that morning, if the pilot couldn’t see a crane right infront of him I don’t think a CCTV camera from a half mile away could!

  2. Thing is, from my own experience as a UK resident for the past 20 years, anyone willing to stand there and take pictures and/or videos of this type of situation is just asking for a punch in the face. To all those awaiting an ‘iPhone upload’ to the net, you may be waiting a while.. Just saying!

  3. Wow! I’ve just seen this page in the little side boxes, i remember this day because i saw the flame falling from the sky from the train. Its a shame the page is old and i cant see the videos 🙁

    The story is that day was a VERY foggy day, and the pilot was a private pilot on his way to go pick up his business-man client who needed to go to a meeting. The client had told the pilot not to bother as air warnings advised flying that day. The pilot was already en route and assured the passenger he would make his meeting. Non the less mother nature assured otherwise. Even though cranes have lights on them the fog was so thick he never saw it coming until he was engulfed in it.

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