Index Finger Injured by Trying to Brace Fall from Ladder

Waiting for Doctor to Begin Taking Care of Finger Mess

Index Finger Injured by Trying to Brace Fall from Ladder

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @toomb, whose acquaintance injured his finger trying to brace the fall from a ladder:


I’m a huge fan of bestgore and have always wanted to help keep the site running by contributing some gore, well here’s my chance!

This guy was working on a ladder and lost his footing leading him straight to the floor. He landed on his hand, crushing his finger when he tried to brace his fall. The shear weight of his body on his index finger caused his finger to explode exposing the meaty insides.

Surprisingly his finger didn’t break. The doctor did their best to stuff the meat back in but didn’t do a very good job in my opinion. He’s scheduled to see a plastic surgeon in weeks to come.

Many thanks for the pics, @toomb:

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    1. Meat exposed from the finger is gore lol.. I posted it but it’s not my finger. Just wanted to share what I believe to be somewhat pg gore, I think you might be confused with the word carnage and gore.

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