Kids Keep Messing with Metal Gate Until It Dislodges and Falls on Them

Kids Keep Messing with Metal Gate Until It Dislodges and Falls on Them

Kids Keep Messing with Metal Gate Until It Dislodges and Falls on Them

A pair of kids is playing glide with a metal gate and seem to be having fun, until a third joins them and pushes the gate too hard. Combined with all the weight the two apply to one side of the gate, the slam dislodges the gate, topples it over and makes it falls on the kids.

I like how the main culprit plays inconspicuous after crushing the kids. They will probably be OK, but with a reminder that the gate is for keeping neighbors’ chicken off the yard, not for messing around with.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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104 thoughts on “Kids Keep Messing with Metal Gate Until It Dislodges and Falls on Them”

      1. Yes yes! Notice the conspicuous lack of concern for the others safety … In fact she didn’t look like it bothered her at all she just was waiting for the ass whooping she knew was Surley coming … A very disturbed and pathological child

    1. Couldn’t agree more. As kids we did stupid shit, obviously, all children do…mostly when unsupervised, but once I saw at least three parents/adults rush forward I realised this is at least two generations of fucking stupid.

    2. Dude they are kids, what kid thinks this gate is going to fall off on me. Unless you are some prodigy kid who is super smart you ain’t going to be thinking about it at that age.

    3. Not so sure that I agree… Parents often let their children do things of which the outcome is already known, but the child must learn, and if it’s not lethal as a failsafe, then so be it. Although….. Iron fence. 3-year-old. Velocity. Recipe for potential tragedy. Eh, whatever.

      1. Evil from Evilland..

        I rarely approach a video trying to be sympathetic to what im about to see, but this time i did and then when it happened burst out laughing. Only to be disappointed that it didnt completely crush them.

  1. I remember back in the 80’s at my elementary school I would always hang on the sliding gate until one day I got stuck in it. Everyone went to class while I stayed stuck. I actually shed a couple tears , not cause it hurt but because I thought the fire department was going to have to come and saw me out. My assistant teacher finally came and pulled me out. I never messed with those sliding gates again.

  2. Imagining close ups of the childs face and body as the gate comes down to squash them. Like CSI style or something. I have a wicked imagination. Poor little shit machines.

  3. When I was a booger lickin monster I caught my head on one of these electric motorized gates.
    It hurt to say the least and scared the Gerber Cereal right out of me.
    But I managed to squeeze my head out and learned a valuable lesson about Fucking with electric gates.

        1. whats interesting is that the future wont be electrical, weather will stop being so varied and extreme, mobile phones wont be used, everything you do on electrical technology will be able to be done with the mind… humans are so much more than this. we still live in The Shit Ages, life will be trillions times better than this.. eternal life will happen, the remaining humans wont ever die, and be with the planet wholly. wont be sharing the energy among billions of humans and trillions of animals it will be shared by only 25 of us. im one of them, and it happens in 3 or 4 years… so im told, by the planet.

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          some things are infinite truths like life itself, it just NEVER ENDS.

          fucking incredible.

          svargs not one of us, which is hilarious.

          ive got people.

  4. At least they didn’t start smackin’n the s**t outta them for being bad!

    That’d pixxed me off a bit!

    They should’ve left tbe gate on them for a minute before lifting it off, teach them a lesson they won’t do it again….. or told them to crawl out themself….. they could step on the cage a bit holding it down while they try to crawl out….

  5. OH AH! NOW you worry but when they playing with what you don’t play-nothing?
    Parents with their spoiled kids.
    I see them everywhere and make me want to vomit when i sense how the system turns shitty kids against parents. They are Demanders, not children’s.

    You will have clean and normal kid just when you run in the hills, away from TV, vaccination and school indoctrination.
    -I know few people that actually did it and have kids in mountain. No documents, no school. They are scared that state will take them away but guys, i never saw better kids than them.
    They are calm and happy. Happy with what they have.

    Cities are destructive as hell.

  6. Those two little kids were having fun until the stupid lanky one wanted to hang with the cool kids and fucked it all up.

    The man knew it was the older ones fault. He screamed at her, albeit only in two syllables. I was waiting for him to smack the shit out of her but it didn’t happen… ;(

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