Knee Cut Open by Chainsaw

Chainsaw Shredding of Outer Knee Tissue

Knee Cut Open by Chainsaw

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @additivefir693, whose whose relative cut his knee open by a chainsaw. That’s all I have for the backinfo.

He must have been wearing shorts while using the chainsaw. But at least his nuts are whole.

Many thanks for the pics, @additivefir693:

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33 thoughts on “Knee Cut Open by Chainsaw”

  1. Chainsaws are deadly. They tear through flesh like a hot knife through butter only they don’t cut cleanly… instead they rip and munch leaving behind a nasty looking wound and eventually a scar that everyone wants to hear the story of.

      1. I’ve had chainsaws kick back and nearly hit my head.
        One thing I learned early on is that the first few feet of a tree are the hardest because of rock and sand sediments being sucked up the trunk so when cutting that part you have to expect the chainsaw to kick back and be ready for it.

  2. Seems that no arteries were hit which is a solid sign, but does look like the lateral collateral tendon has been sliced in half. They may be able to repair before sewing you up though since its just hanging right there.


    That’s why scars are better than tattoos

  3. Chainsaws will fuck you up in a hurry. I run a tree removal business and have used one almost every day for the past 10yrs. I haven’t had one bite me yet. Knock on wood. I’ve had chains break and whip me, but nothing too bad. Thank god.

    In all reality, it’s not a terribly difficult tool to use and not get hurt. You just can’t get complacent. You don’t want to use the top part of the nose. In other words, on the very front part on the saw blade(the “nose”), on the top side of the saw. Using, this part of this saw has a high potential of causing “kickback.” Kickback with throw the saw blade up and back, towards the user. If you DO need to use the top part of the saw blade, use the portion 5 or 6 inches back from the nose.

    Always use protective gear. Eye protection, face guard, helmet, gloves, and protective chaps/pants, made for chainsaw use. Even though a chainsaw will rip through anything, if directly in contact with it, it can save you.

    Most people who get bit are those who are inexperienced or can complacent. Some guys who have been using a chainsaw for years get complacent. They’ve made a million cuts and it’s not a big deal. They think they can get away with doing risky shit. Then they get cut.

    Don’t work if you’re super tired, or exhausted. When doing a job, I try to do all the cutting and chainsaw work while I’m fresh, THEN load up the trailer with wood or whatever. That way I’m not running the chainsaw while I’m dead tired.

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