LA Man Loses Tip of Thumb While Chopping Food

Extreme Nailbiting Fetishists Will Love This Pic

LA Man Loses Tip of Thumb While Chopping Food

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @ashestoashen, who sent us pics of his friend who chopped off the tip of his thumb:

My friend, 25 year old MMA fighter in LA, was chopping food. Cut his finger and didn’t realize it for minutes later. Didn’t find the other part of the finger for an hour later.

Many thanks for the pics and the video, @ashestoashen. So what happened with the part that was later found? It doesn’t look like any bone was severed. Did they reattach the chopped off part or just close the injury and let it heal like that?

Gallery of pics:

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86 thoughts on “LA Man Loses Tip of Thumb While Chopping Food”

    1. I’m sorry but I’m calling a lil bit of BS here – he didn’t realise for half an hour that half his thumb was missing? Yeah that sounds plausible because a wound like that would never bleed and bring your attention to it. And that’s also plausible because he must be 1 of only 10 people world wide that don’t feel pain………

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  2. Damn, that had to be one sharp ass knife. I cut myself once accidentally on some scissors and left a gash in my thumb right to the bone, that was back in the MySpace days, I grossed everyone out with pictures of the cut and the healing process. I shoulda gotten stitches but hell, I ain’t got money for that shit. Not when some superglue and band aids work just as well. Hell, if I can still find my old MySpace page, I should put a link to it, it’s got lots of blood and a nice healing progression.

  3. Took about an hour to find the tip of his thumb and he didn’t notice chopping it off for a couple of minutes?
    How is any of this possible?
    I accidentally sliced off an 1/8 inch sliver of my finger once and that shit stung and burned like crazy, not sure how he didn’t know right away.
    He must’ve been super high or something.

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