Leg Scratched by Fall Into Gap Between Truck Trailer and Docking Bay

Leg Scratched by Fall Into Gap Between Truck Trailer and Docking Bay

Best Gore member @WormCakes sent us a pic of her roommate’s leg that was scratched in a workplace accident:

This happened early morning (8am central) on April 12, 2016 at a trucking company my buddy/roomie Brian works at. He was looking at his cell walking back and missed the gap between his truck trailer and the docking bay and his leg slid through and scraped the metal dock plate. I cleaned it up and dressed it.

Thanks for the pic @WormCakes, extend our wishes to Brian for speedy recovery.

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  1. Oh damn, you need to cut the whole leg off…

    That’s what I tell anyone who tells me that a part of their body hurts. I hope it doesn’t put a limp in his stride. Will he file a lawsuit against the phone company for making him too distracted? Shit, he could even sue his workplace for not properly posting visual warnings about the effects of gravity and ledges coupled with no awareness of immediate surroundings.

    I’m joking. I hope he heals up without ever feeling like an idiot for a moment…

    1. I have a feeling that this drug you call Demerol is the same as the drug we call pethidine. Fuck me, that is the nicest most pleasurable drug I have ever had the good fortune to be injected with. I’ve actually had it a few times now and always in hospital for a musculoskeletal injury that’s included a torn anterior cruciate ligament when I got dragged by my boot caught in the stirrup of a bolting horse and once for a fractured ulna when I fell of a roof. That pethidine is beautiful stuff and can totally understand how doctors and nurses get hopelessly addicted to it. Mmmmm pethidine……P.S. I’m just thinking I might have another painful fall from the roof this arvo…..

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          1. And also Tasmanian tiger – I just remembered rose Hancock got busted and arrested forging her own prescriptions for the drug ~ midazolam. This is an injectable benzodiazepine they use in hospital to sedate psychotic patients in Accident & Emergency among lots of other uses. Also used a lot as a pre med before surgery to reduce anxiety and also used with an opioid to produce twilite sedation for procedures that need something but not a full general. I can’t imagine there are very many indications at all to prescribe this in the community except in palliative care they may mix with opioid analgesia to use in a syringe driver for cancer patients etc that have chosen to die at home. No wonder she got busted for midazolam. She went to court and everything but have a feeling she just got a good behaviour bond, maybe some community service too ??

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          3. Hey Tasmanian tiger ~ I did mean 4$ but that is on prescription. All simple opioids are cheap as chips. Morphine, fentanyl etc. Once you start making special tablet and slow release formulations like Oxycontin, they become very expensive. But because our govt. subsidises all out medications, we won’t say more than ~35$ when it actually costs about 200$ for one months supply. Most other countries govts. don’t subsidise medicine and say full price. I know Americans pay hundreds for their medicines and many travel to Mexico or Canada where medicines are much cheaper, like they are here…..

          4. @Dutchy, of course, sorry I read that wrong, I know what you mean now, people get their medications cheap if they have a ‘health care card’, people on the dole or part time work get these cards. Many Aussies get most of their medications subsidized, I just got confused because it is $6.50 or something for your scripts in WA.

          5. @Dutchy when my middle so broke his leg, they gave him a hand held Pethidine ‘puffer’ thing. well he was so high, he started saying outrageous stuff to the Drs, I had to clamp my hand over his mouth! One Dr was Chinese and he was calling out stuff like “hey come over here Dr ChinChang” he was really happy and friendly so no one was bothered but I was mortified. THEN he spotted an Indian medical and he was like “muuuum I want THAT Dr. where is that Dr from?” The nurses assured me that they have heard it all, people on pethidine say all sorts of things.

      2. @Dutchy? Generic name for it is Meperidine. And yes, I agree. The best feeling stuff ever. If I was a captured prisoner soldier or spy and they gave me this stuff, they would all be my very best friends and I would tell ’em everything? Maybe. Had it in the Emergency Room one time and told my wife things I wouldn’t have even told myself.

  2. Ouch! that’ll bruise, I have hurt myself like this, I had acupuncture to aid in the healing. I had a huge hematoma (bruise) and the acupuncture supposedly aided in speeding the flow of the bleeding of the bruise, the ‘dead’ blood, something like that.

  3. My comment is slightly off topic but I have to tell yous what just happened to me about an hour ago. I was in downtown Mackay (pop. 20k) in Nth Queensland, Oz, and I’m in my local cricket club shorts that are black tracksuit like material, free balling of course coz it’s just too hot, and I’m in the take away shop and bought a paddle pop ice block when all of a sudden the crazy Asian shop keeper started yelling at me and I eventually worked out she is accusing me of stealing a drink and putting it down my shorts. Now the shop was, of course, full of people and they are all giving me the evil eye and Asian chick comes running up to me and is grabbing me on the cock and pulling at my shorts trying to pull them down. It was FULL ON. I’m yelling back to her, “Get off me you crazy bitch! I’m no thief!”. Eventually I pulled my shorts waist out and told her to look down! It’s my dick! Not a bottle of drink! Far out! When she looks down into my shorts she starts cracking up laughing her head off and said,” I have drink from that! ” a ha ha ha. Then everyone in the shop starts laughing and talking and Asian chick still laughing her head off as I walk out the shop with my ice block in my hand that I haven’t paid for!! Bwahaaaa I get the last laugh walking down the street eating my stolen heat beater…..I do have to admit just before this happened I had been ‘sort of’ rubbing my dick with my hand in my pocket completely unconsciously for something to do, so I did have an eighth of a semi (essentially no boner at all) and I don’t know if that was the cause, but I’ve always known my twin brother and I, well all four of my brothers and I have penis’s at the larger end of the spectrum. What a classic…….

    And thanks for the Gorey pics there @worm cakes. Your poor room mate’s life will never be the same never after this horrendous injury. It is a miracle survival was possible. All the best for their life of disability payments……

    1. Unfortunately you?re not alone on this one Dutchy for I too have left an Asian takeaway before after being subjected to an experience that was both sweet and sour.

      Don?t let it get to you though, I did once when I became very overheated at an Indian restaurant.

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        1. @Dutchy, I understood what you said to be 100% true, do you think because we are Aussies that I found your story to be so believable? I didn’t even consider it to be anything but the truth and I can even ‘picture’ the whole scenario, these things happen….

          1. Hey Dutchy, nah I was pulling your pecker pal, though it’s mostly cold in the UK it doesn’t get the heat like you guys down under ha as for the kids I’ve just found out the oldest one is now smoking little fucker I’m losing my hair over her pal. What we do have in common though pal is the Chinese and there complete rudeness to everyone else I have never encountered it but heard stories of them, I remember the gym I use to go to and in the sauna they would sit there gabbing off and they would smell of soy sauce to!

        1. @Dutchy, hahaha you are a ‘banana bender’ too! For non Australians that is a nick-name for someone from the state of Queensland, Aust. I am a ‘sand-groper’ being from Western Australia. Despite my user name, I am not Tasmanian.

          1. @fighting Irish ~ mate, I don’t have to prove shit to you. I’m telling the truth so take it or leave it ~ I don’t care what you think……

    2. Dutchy, she’s an Asian chick. She probably hasn’t seen anything bigger than a 6″ down a man’s pants. IF it even gets to a six lol

      But hell, that was fucking hilarious nonetheless.

      1. @Stacie ~ yeah i was very embarrassed and I could feel the blood filling up into my face and all the other customers staring and thinking I shop lifted, but I can only see the funny side now!!

  4. I’ll bet this guy was distracted watching a video on his phone of some guy in a Chinese Mini Market being accused of stealing shit because his itchy dick gave him a semi. ZERO days since last workplace accident.

  5. Another victim of inappropriate cellphone usage… Last time i saw an accident from distractions like this, the victim died. πŸ˜† This doesnt look too bad though, i had several of those myself when i was on my teens while riding my bike… or falling down stairs… or tripping on sidewalks… or falling down rocks… πŸ˜•

    1. Short answer… Respect.
      Serious answer… I have been on BG for years, but I don’t often comment. One thing I have seen (and continue to see) with only a few exceptions, is the utmost respect among BG members. It has become a sort of tradition to share one’s personal ouchies with the community. People send best wishes or good-natured jokes to the poster of said ouchie.

  6. So pathetic looking, it looks like a carpet burn. I have a scar on my calf(close to the same length) from when my foot slipped between a metal dog house and barn in 5th grade. I had to yank it out from between. I was calm (and I found it funny)unlike the other girl, though there was a lot of blood…All it did was for a few seconds and it didn’t hurt xD yay for high pain tolerance

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