Little Boy Hit by Forklift in China

Little Boy Hit by Forklift in China

CCTV video from China shows a little boy getting hit by a forklift. I’m not sure if that woman who came to boy’s aid was his mother or not. She looks like she was minding her own business and didn’t really care about the child until he was hit.

I also like how the other mother with a child instructed her kid to keep going and not worry about other kids getting crushed a few meters away from them.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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81 thoughts on “Little Boy Hit by Forklift in China”

      1. I heard differently. I have a friend in China that got into a accident. In China, he said first thing first is that the driver has to pay for the hospital bill. Secondly, compensation to the family. It has to be negotiated and agreed upon by both parties. If not, it will be move to civil court. Because people rarely follow traffic rules there, both drivers and pedestrians are rarely charge with a crime. So basically, if you are the driver, you will have to pay even if the pedestrian is at fault.

  1. Lol, lot of dumb ass asian drivers on here lately. This one reminds me of that asian forklift driver at my old job, the dipshit forgot to pull up the handbrake on his forklift when he parked it and it rolled into one of the trucks. I remember a guy yelling out “who the fuck let an asian drive a forklift!?” Lol good times.

    1. Looks like she may have had another baby in a sling on her back. Maybe because of the one child policy they struggle to care for more than one at a time too?! The poor child that was squished could not be more than two years old, and her negligence in caring for one so young is mostly responsible for his death!
      Let’s hope she takes better care of the other little one…

    1. I just smdh every time I see that @fatlibertariandude! As if that’s going to help – in ANY way. Especially when they start yelling “My baby! My baby” (I’m guessing here) in whichever language they speak. It’s like – ffs – maybe should have thought of that BEFORE your child became roadkill. Sigh

  2. Don’t think the kid’s mom was around in the picture. I just love the reaction of the lady walking in front with her child. She took one look, and went like..naah..
    not my bloody problem and went on her merry way..

  3. I am 100% sure she is his mother in law and that’s exactly what she wanted because seriously when you walk in the street, the 1st thing that comes in a normal mother’s mind is to hold her child’s hand

  4. Looks like the woman in yellow had her kid in a yellow top also, but doesn’t give a fuck.
    Poor kid no way that he or she survived bless little one.
    Stupid woman hope she get run over also but slowly though.

  5. Just stupid people. It would be different if it was a speeding car, but it was a slow fork lift and that shit ass parent just watched as her child walked aimlessly into the middle of the street. Had all the time in the world to start being a parent, and she gave not one shit about even trying. Plus, that is one dumb ass kid.

  6. There’s absolutely no way to judge the mom’s love of her child based on this one event – though it was horrible and she fucked up royally. The driver couldn’t/didn’t see that kid; there was a lot of activity in that alley. The lady that kept walking didn’t want her child to be traumatized by seeing a smushed kid and I don’t blame her. Did I cover everybody’s dumbass judging? ugh

  7. The kid really got Forklifted ……………
    WTF ?? ….IDK……….. why the driver swerved and changed his track seeing the kid walk little ahead of his mother is what only the chinese can do .
    I think Hong-xian died that very moment .
    The mother looked quite laid back and aloof walking down that street minding nobody’s business not even her child’s.

  8. I like how those two women acted like they gave a shit after the kid was run over. The one in yellow must be fucking retarded if she didn’t see this happening as the toddler is a foot in front of her with a big ass forklift going straight for it. Those two women had all the opportunity in the world to pull that kid aside, make a noise to distract it, or do ANYTHING… so that this wouldn’t have happened. I despise these fucking chinks. I’m Chinese (American) and have been around my people long enough to know that most of them are useless and fucking pathetic.

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